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עין יעקב -  fronsine
zimmers Western Galilee
Beautiful luxury compound meter lap three magical suites that share a heated indoor swimming pool and each different spa facilities and luxurious
עין יעקב - Hilat Hashahar
Hilat Hashahar
zimmers Western Galilee
New suite, luxurious and private! In a rich and luxurious design, separate bedroom for children, a heated and private indoor swimming pool, jacuzzi and personal spa and other treats ...
052-9172658 Hila
עין יעקב - Sagol
Exclusive in Zimmertop
Zimmer Western Galilee
A completely private boutique suite with a luxurious private pool complex including a pampering spa jacuzzi overlooking the view and a professional barbecue area, luxuriously decorated and a separate guest room.
052-9171892 Yochai
עין יעקב -  CIELO
Exclusive in Zimmertop
Zimmer Western Galilee
A spectacular private suite for families and couples overlooking the Galilee and the Mediterranean. A heated indoor pool, spa trends and more.
052-9122430 Daniel
עין יעקב - The Rose Estate
The Rose Estate
Zimmer Western Galilee
Ahuzat Hashoshanim - located in Ein Yaakov in the Western Galilee, is especially suitable for groups and families - with two double bedrooms, a gallery floor for children, and a heated indoor pool.
052-9707926 AVI
עין יעקב - Chateau Prestige
Exclusive in Zimmertop
Chateau Prestige
zimmers Western Galilee
Romantic holiday, luxurious and exclusive. Suites with private pools and a huge indescribable view to the Galilee and the sea.
052-9788652 Dudi
עין יעקב - Blanco
Zimmer Western Galilee
A vacation experience in the Western Galilee in perfect privacy in front of the Galilee landscape! This luxurious private suite is luxurious and luxurious, with a huge interior space and a luxurious private outdoor area with swimming pool, sauna and luxurious seating areas.
052-9128940 Yair
עין יעקב - Be'Derech Yafa
Exclusive in Zimmertop
Be'Derech Yafa
Zimmer Western Galilee
סוויטה פרטית ורומנטית הכוולת חדר שינה נפרד, מאובזרת בשלל פינוקים, עם מרפסת פרטית מול הנוף המהפנט של הגליל המערבי, ג'קוזי ספא חיצוני ובריכה מחוממת, לכל זה מצטרפת גינה ירוקה ומטופחת.
052-9122438 Yogev
עין יעקב - Northern Lights - Aurora
Exclusive in Zimmertop
Northern Lights - Aurora
Zimmer Western Galilee
Luxurious and luxurious luxury complex with a spacious and luxuriously designed interior and an impressive outdoor complex with a heated swimming pool, seating areas and panoramic Galilean views
052-9098198 Hen
עין יעקב - Hadavar Ha'amiti
Hadavar Ha'amiti
zimmers Western Galilee
Romantic wooden suite, with a sleek design, a heated swimming pool and indoor spa and large currents very professional.
עין יעקב - Legenda
zimmers Western Galilee
A particularly pampering complex in the town of Ein Yaakov in the Western Galilee, with three luxurious family suites with an extra large common yard with a dream swimming pool.
052-9171026 Daniel
ילדים חינם
עין יעקב - HaShemesh HaKsoma
HaShemesh HaKsoma
zimmers Western Galilee
Full privacy luxury suite for couples with a personal swimming pool and spa trends facing dreamy magical landscape.
052-9097771 Sarah
עין יעקב - Pisgat Aofek
Pisgat Aofek
zimmers Western Galilee
The summit of the horizon - information, services, price list, recommendations and directions. 3 country cabins surrounded by natural woods, with a swimming pool and a stunning romantic atmosphere.
052-9097773 Ziona
עין יעקב - Pleasure
zimmers Western Galilee
Innovative design luxury suite facing the amazing view. With private pool and spa pampering streams.
052-9788655 Ziona
עין יעקב - Raz Ba-kfar
Raz Ba-kfar
zimmers Western Galilee
Galilee landscape that blends into the Mediterranean Sea. Couples spectacular holiday complex landscape line with a luxurious pool and Jacuzzi spa pool dreamy romance
052-9097762 Yair
עין יעקב - milagros
Exclusive in Zimmertop
Zimmer Western Galilee
A spectacular private suite for families and couples overlooking the Galilee and the Mediterranean. A heated indoor pool, spa trends and more.
052-9127742 Daniel
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הזינו את הפרטים, הבקשה תישלח רק למתחמים המתאימים במהרה ישלחו אליך הצעות אטרקטיביות לרכישה.

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צימרים נוספים במרחק של עד 10 קמ מעין יעקב

Zimmers in north - אחוזת לב החורש
Mansion spectacular resort for couples and families hidden in green groves overlooking the Galilee.
5 / 5
Zimmers in north - אלומות יוסף
Mesmerizing 4 luxury suites, with private pool and garden dream for all outdoor suite with three other pools.
4.9 / 5
Zimmers in north - אחוזת אלין
Ahuzat Alin|Meona
Amazing luxury suite and private, with a huge heated swimming pool, Jacuzzi spa and best amenities.
4.9 / 5
Zimmers in north - אחוזת לאטה
Ahuzat Latta|Goren
A large and gorgeous mansion that includes 3 luxurious suites with luxurious and rich spa complexes filled with all the best! Heated swimming pools, a hot spa Jacuzzi and more
4.9 / 5
Zimmers in north - ולדמנס
Valdmans|Kfar Vradim
A luxurious experience full of intimacy and lots of love. Luxurious suites for couples only, with a private heated pool for each suite and perfect hospitality.
4.8 / 5
Zimmers in north - אחוזת סלרנו
3 Privacy and luxury suites, each with a heated swimming pool, whirlpool spa and private foreign compound spectacular
4.9 / 5
Zimmers in north - החורש
Villa Hahoresh - In the prestigious locality of Yaara, there is a luxurious private villa with three bedrooms, a private heated indoor pool during the winter months, a private spa Jacuzzi and a variety of treats.
4.9 / 5
Zimmers in north - סוויטת מודרנו
Moderno Suite|Even Menahem
Perfect luxury suite with a view! Private couple or family and offers a huge heated pool, whirlpool spa and streams 5-star accommodation.
4.9 / 5
באוגוסט המתחם נמכר באופן מלא
Zimmers in north - סוויטה בכפר
Suite Bakfar|Shomera
Celebration cylindrical shaped luxurious suites with indoor heated pool, indoor whirlpool spa and a variety of meals Chef option.
4.9 / 5
Zimmers in north - אגדת הקסם
Luxury resort, fashionable and romantic. Suite Dreams spectacularly designed, with luxurious pool overlooking the Galilee.
4.9 / 5
Zimmers in north - בקתות רז
Biktot Raz|Manot
In Moshav Manot in the Western Galilee there are 4 romantic wooden cabins suitable for couples and families. Each cabin has a huge double Jacuzzi, a king size bed and a private balcony. A refreshing swimming pool and a selection of seating areas.
5 / 5
Zimmers in north - אחוזת תאי - TAI
TAI Estate|Manot
The luxurious TAI Mansion is located in a packet seat in the Western Galilee, with 4 luxurious suites with a private hot tub for each, a large, beautiful pool, quietly set in front of a mountain view.
4.8 / 5
Zimmers in north - בקתה בגליל
Bikta BaGalil|Shomera
Galilee view, privacy and romantic design! A private log cabin with a round inner jacuzzi, spacious space, a sitting balcony and a private swimming pool wrapped in thin wood.
4.9 / 5
Zimmers in north - ירח לבן
Just you and the scenery. Private suite full roll romance atmosphere. Currents Spa with Jacuzzi and heated swimming pool.
4.9 / 5
Zimmers in north - ניחוח היסמין
Nichoach Ha-Jasmin|Granot Hagalil
Holiday pastoral and roll! A beautiful romantic resort with a swimming pool and a heated streams and luxurious.
4.8 / 5
Zimmers in north - צימר אי שם בכליל
A unique Wooden cabin in the heart of nature, facing a breathtaking view. A magical vacation in a romantic and private atmosphere in the clear air.
4.9 / 5
Zimmers in north - אורבן
Urban|Kfar Vradim
Luxury Suite qualitatively unique design, with a heated swimming pool and Jacuzzi spa pampering in front of the Galilean landscape.
4.9 / 5
Zimmers in north - זוהר של זכרונות
A pampering rural accommodation complex in Moshav Goren in the Western Galilee, the complex contains two large and luxurious wooden cabins for couples and families - with a private Jacuzzi in each cabin and a shared pool for the complex.
4.8 / 5
Zimmers in north - היכלי בראשית
The Hall of Genesis - a luxurious complex in front of the unique and rolling Western Galilee landscape. In the complex you will find a log cabin and 3 luxurious suites and an outdoor complex with a pool. A lovely and peaceful holiday in the Western Galilee.
4.7 / 5
Zimmers in north - אודם השני
Odem HaShani|Lapidot
Romantic wooden cabins, a luxurious suite, wrapped in green groves and scenery. With a heated pool, a luxurious spa area and a variety of treats.
4.6 / 5
Zimmers in north - נוף קסום
nof kasum|Yaara
2 rustic and rustic cabins facing an open and magnificent cylindrical view. With a swimming pool, indoor spa spas and plenty of treats.
4.8 / 5
Zimmers in north - מנות 171
manot 171|Manot
Private, quiet and pampering room .. In the port of Moshav in the Western Galilee .. A place full of tranquility and plenty of treats .. Starting with a private spa, and a large private pool
5 / 5
Zimmers in north - דה אורו d'Oro
De Oro d'Oro|Manot
A private and cozy complex in Manot in the Western Galilee with one suite for couples only, quiet and pleasant with a pampering spa Jacuzzi and a pleasant private pool.
5 / 5
ניתן להזמין ארוחות בוקר מפנקות לצימר- ישירות מהספק - אבי:0587841347.
Zimmers in north - שפי shefi's
An indulgent complex with three warm country cottages, in the complex you will find a private brewery, a home of wine wines, and a home run by the wonderful owner's chefs.
4.8 / 5
Zimmers in north - סוויטות טופ הגליל
Top Galilee Suites|Even Menahem
A completely new and isolated complex in the town of Even Menachem in the Western Galilee, with two magical suites, one with an indoor Jacuzzi, and the other with a pampering outdoor spa Jacuzzi, and a shared pool.
5 / 5
Zimmers in north - באטצ'י -סוויטות יוקרה
A pampering complex in Manot in the Western Galilee with 4 luxurious suites, with a private Jacuzzi for each, and a shared pool in the complex heated during the winter months and fenced.
5 / 5
Zimmers in north - אור השחר
Or HaShahar|Goren
Rustic celebration of nature and many from around the landscape. Wooden romantic design with a large swimming pool and lots of treats.
4.8 / 5
Zimmers in north - בקתות נופים
Biktot Nofim|Manot
Two luxurious wooden private cabins with a huge indoor Jacuzzi overlooking the view, a shower with massage jets and a private spa Jacuzzi overlooking the swimming pool that is shared with the view
4.9 / 5
Zimmers in north - אל מול הנוף
El Mull Ha-Nof|Granot Hagalil
See all western Galilee from the balcony. Romantic luxury suites with pool and wonderful hospitality.
4.8 / 5
Zimmers in north - ניחוחות בגורן
goren scent|Goren
A pampering and quiet boutique complex, completely private in Moshav Goren in the Western Galilee, with a private cabin for families or couples, a huge pool in an indoor courtyard during the winter months and a pampering spa Jacuzzi.
4.9 / 5

Looking to make your vacation Lmsho- something? If you really, really want to produce elation and indulge in the best you might want to visit Ein Yaakov. Accommodation western Galilee which actually located north near Ma'alot-Tarshiha. Ein Yaakov settlement was established in 1953 and its name according to sources in the Bible: "And Israel must dwell alone eye of Jacob to the land of grain and grape juice." So what can make your holiday more interesting and put her adrenaline if not eye BB Jacob?

Places to go in the Ein Yaakov BB

Fancy a change in the mood? Exit routine? Western Galilee Zimmer will provide you the answer. Imagine a B & B with a panoramic view is not to open the Science Channel, and certainly not the National Geographic, not when you have everything in front of your eyes. Mountains, green and mostly memorable views alongside wonderful hospitality, spacious beds, a heated pool and everything, which will not leave Zimmer a moment thanks to the unforgettable luxuries. So we mentioned to you the spacious hot tub? The adjacent terrace? Or maybe the wonderful hammock?

Zimmer Ein Yaakov is the address for you, all you need is to enter and visit the site, choose the choicest Zimmer Zimmer them mini range offers a website and here, you are perfectly right direction for fun. Afraid to take risks? Come and have promised yourself by choosing the correct one

1. אלו צימרים למשפחות בעין יעקב מומלצים לנופש משפחתי?

בעין יעקב תוכלו למצוא מבחר צימרים למשפחות - הינה כמה מהם:  הילת השחר , שאטו פרסטיז , סגול - סוויטת יוקרה

2. מה יש לעשות בסביבת צימרים בעין יעקב?

באזור מושב עין יעקב תוכלו למצוא מבחר אטרקציות ומסלולים מהנים לזוגות, משפחות או קבוצות. מומלץ להתעדכן בדף הצימר מה יש בסביבתו.

3. האם יש צימרים רומנטיים לזוגות בעין יעקב?

כמובן, תוכלו למצוא מבחר צימרים לזוגות בעין יעקב לחופשה רומנטית וחלומית בגליל המערבי.

4. אילו צימרים יוקרתיים יש בעין יעקב?
באתר צימרטופ תוכלו לבחור מתוך מבחר צימרים יוקרתיים בעין יעקב, הינה כמה מהם: מילאגרוס בוטיק , פרונסין , הדבר האמיתי
6. אילו מסעדות יש בקרבת עין יעקב?

בסביבת עין יעקב והגליל המערבי ישנן המון מסעדות ומקומות ייחודיים לאכל בהם, תוכלו להתעדכן בעמוד הצימר מה נמצא בקרבתו.

7. האם יש נוף שנשקף מצימרים בעין יעקב?

בוודאי, מושב עין יקב נמצא בגליל המערבי ובהרבה מהמתחמים תוכלו ליהנות מנוף ישיר לים התיכון ולהרי הגליל המערבי.

8. האם יש צימרים עם ג'קוזי בעין יעקב?

ג'קוזי מפנק מחכה לכם במרבית הצימרים בעין יעקב - תוכלו להבחין באתר צימרטופ בקלות אם לצימר יש ג'קוזי מפנק בתוך הצימר.

9. באילו צימרים בעין יעקב יש חצר פרטית?

במרבית הצימרים בעין יעקב תוכלו למצוא חצר פרטית: השמש הקסומה , פלז'ר , הזוהר הצפוני 

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