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צימרטופ מאתר עבורך תפוסה ומחירים מתוך
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Zimmers in כפר ורדים - Urban
Luxury Suite qualitatively unique design, with a heated swimming pool and Jacuzzi spa pampering in front of the Galilean landscape.
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Zimmers in כפר ורדים - Valdmans
A luxurious experience full of intimacy and lots of love. Luxurious suites for couples only, with a private heated pool for each suite and perfect hospitality.
We are fully booked for this dates
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Av. This weekend
Zimmers in כפר ורדים - Osnata
Luxurious and luxuriously designed suites, a huge pool of streams, a pampering spa Jacuzzi and a gorgeous design. Luxury vacation in the Western Galilee.
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Looking for Accommodation in the Kfar Vradim village? Want to be a romance through Romantic B & B? Here are a few things to help you make your choice a vacation that fulfills all the benefits of a future.


 Why BB Kfar Vradim village?

Kfar Vradim village is located Tefen rope Galilee on the slopes of Mount Ashkar and rises to 650 meters above sea level. Weather? Usually pleasant and dry and it happens even in summer. In the winter A little cold and rainy, and sometimes, if you decide to visit the place during the cold, you will experience snow at the same time choose B & B in the Western Galilee. If some of them banal holidays and you are looking to realize the emotion and romance, you've come to the right place. Of all the choices, let us offer you BB Kfar Vradim village. It is in the north, near and accessible to all and can still give you the opportunity to experience a green vacation away from all the rest. Allow yourself to be excited attractions near Lake Montfort.

So, if you indulge in using Romantic Accommodation, Accommodation in the Western Galilee is the answer for you. Visit the site now and booking is advised for a soon-promise? It's going to be really fun.

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