Zimmers with a view

Zimmers with a dreamy view for a relaxing vacationin, order your next vacation:

צימרים עם נוף פנורמי - Galilea
3 Cabins on hazon Upper Galilee
Romance, swimming pool, Jacuzzi spa and lots of scenery. Compound rustic and luxurious accommodations at a great value
From- ₪650
צימרים עם נוף פנורמי - The Rose Estate
the suite on Ein Yaacov Western Galilee
Ahuzat Hashoshanim - located in Ein Yaakov in the Western Galilee, is especially suitable for groups and families - with two double bedrooms, a gallery floor for children, and a heated indoor pool.
From- ₪1200
צימרים עם נוף פנורמי - Ahuzat Lev Ha-Horesh
5 Cabins on Shomera Western Galilee
Mansion spectacular resort for couples and families hidden in green groves overlooking the Galilee.
From- ₪1100
צימרים עם נוף פנורמי - Hilat Hashahar
2 Suites on Ein Yaacov Western Galilee
New suite, luxurious and private! In a rich and luxurious design, separate bedroom for children, a heated and private indoor swimming pool, jacuzzi and personal spa and other treats ...
From- ₪1500
צימרים עם נוף פנורמי - Shilovim Bateva
11 Cabins, Villa with 5 Bedrooms ו- the suite on Shtula Western Galilee
Combinations in nature - for couples who want to have a romantic vacation and for families who want a quality time out. This is the time - a country holiday for fun, rest and fun.
From- ₪800
צימרים עם נוף פנורמי - Ahava Ve-Romantica
2 Suites on Ramot golan
Vacation quality, luxurious and romantic "on the water", which includes cabins decorated with a private pool each cabin spectacular landscape of Galilee.
From- ₪950

One of the most important elements Zimmer (especially Guest romantic) is a landscape view.

 Therefore, Romantic B & B with views are so popular and cost more than the BB without a view. In the north of countless places with spectacular views, and therefore also have countless Romantic B & B with a view, that attract tourists in droves. Region Golan Heights, the Galilee, Kinneret region - all these and more are the areas with impressive views and unique, and therefore these areas have been built in recent years in many B & B's, some Romantic B & B with a view.

In this article, we detail about romantic bed and breakfasts area with views of Israel (especially in the north). Israel is considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world and to the north there is certainly a big part of it. The amount romantic cabins with views north is very respectable and can be found Romantic B & B with views of the Golan Heights, the Galilee (Western, top and bottom), in the region of Galilee and more. For me, there's nothing like a holiday romance with a view of the guest rooms in the north. Most bed and breakfasts in this area are high-quality, luxurious, prestigious and most importantly - observers magnificent scenery. When choosing vacation rentals north, the landscape is a very important component, but there are other important components, for example - the atmosphere that the guest rooms, accessorized and of course their price. Check that your chosen Zimmer has, among other things, a double Jacuzzi, plasma screen TV, fully equipped kitchen, a large sun terrace and even a private pool. Zimmer also a perfect landscape will not be worth much without these accessories.

Of course as you like Zimmer with a better view

so its price will rise, but I think it's worth the investment. The atmosphere there Zimmer, quiet, calm and tranquility, also largely influenced by the view of it. Therefore, I recommend going on a romantic vacation rentals with a view when you're going on holiday bed (and family) in the north. Look online, talk with friends you trust, but do not miss the view, that is it will make your Zimmer perfect and unforgettable vacation. And of course, if the arrival romantic cabanas with views enjoyed by these special, do not forget to recommend them to your friends.

האם ישנם צימרים עם נוף הנשקף מהבריכה?

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בחלקם תוכלו להשתכשך בבריכה וליהנות מהנוף הקסום. 

האם יש צימרים עם נוף באיזור הגליל המערבי?

כמובן, כשתתארחו בצימרים בגליל המערבי היפה תיהנו ממלא נופים טבעיים קסומים. 
נופי הרים ועמקים ירוקים ומרהיבים, נוף אל שמורות הטבע של אכזיב, והנקרות. 

האם יש צימרים לזוגות עם נוף ?

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מהרו לשריין חופשה חלומית.

איך אפשר למצוא צימרים עם נוף ברמת הגולן?

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הנה לפניכם כמה דוגמאות לצימרים ברמת הגולן עם נוף פתוח: 
אניצ'ה, Green Resort, צוק גמלא, קארמה בגולן.