Zimmers with a Private swimming pool

For those looking for privacy, romance or simply pleasurable intimacy

צימרים עם בריכה פרטית - Kapland
Villa with 2 Bedrooms ו-2 Suites on Matat Western Galilee
Boutique holiday spectacular and extraordinary in nature, with heated swimming currents, saunas and uncompromising design
Starting at ₪1100
צימרים עם בריכה פרטית - y house
2 Suites on Mishmar Hayarden Upper Galilee
Two exclusive suites in Moshav Mishmar HaYarden, which radiate splendor, luxury and comfort. With a private heated indoor pool for each, fully equipped for a quiet and peaceful vacation.
Starting at ₪1700
צימרים עם בריכה פרטית - Nessya
the suite on Netuah Western Galilee
Couples stunning luxury suite that includes a striking design, hosting suite, heated indoor pool, whirlpool spa and panoramic views.
Starting at ₪2500
צימרים עם בריכה פרטית - Sagol
Villa with 2 Bedrooms on Ein Yaacov Western Galilee
A completely private boutique suite with a luxurious private pool complex including a pampering spa jacuzzi overlooking the view and a professional barbecue area, luxuriously decorated and a separate guest room.
Starting at ₪1500
צימרים עם בריכה פרטית - Dornes
Cabin ו-3 Suites on Ben Ami Western Galilee
A new, luxurious and pampering hospitality complex! 3 romantic suites with a private pool for each! Innovative design, abundant personal hospitality and complete privacy.
Starting at ₪1000
צימרים עם בריכה פרטית - fabraje
Villa with 2 Bedrooms on Ein Yaacov Western Galilee
A new accommodation complex was established in March 2022, in a luxurious modern design. Located in Ein Yaakov in the Western Galilee, has a private single suite with two double bedrooms, a private heated indoor pool in winter, a private spa Jacuzzi and more.
Starting at ₪1800

You left on the day-to-day routine, and you went to a perfect treat with your loved ones ... You went on a fashionable bathing suit and walked to the pool floor and suddenly! Hey! There is another couple here ... in the pool ... with us ... True, this feeling is embarrassing, shameful and unpleasant to either side. You feel that you have disturbed their romantic moment and feel that you have penetrated their territory and now you should not embarrass you. A shared pool is found in many places, for example in hotels where the pool is shared, but there are masses of people so that we will not really interest anyone and the sense of shyness will not come at all. But only the thought of a couple in a Zimmer going out to the shared pool and there is another couple there and probably he is only looking at us? Gives us unpleasant feelings and makes our vacation far less intimate and romantic.

B vacation rentals with a private pool The creative solution for romance

For this unpleasantness there is a successful and quite creative solution - Romantic B & B's with a private pool in the garden that surrounds your double bed, where only you and the Pastoral are located in complete tranquility. This concept of B & B vacation rentals with a private pool is an intimate and sensual statement that has been full of couples in recent years and has already become a standard for every romantic celebration in two. The bed and breakfasts with the private pool raise the quality of the cabin in a few steps, and therefore you can also find a private and relaxed interior space, festive and decorated for lovers, using the best accessories and the highest quality decoration.

What is more fun than sitting in the morning together by the pool and enjoying a fine breakfast?

In some places, you can also enjoy heated pools for your private double bed, which you can enjoy in all seasons and in the cold winter of the north. Then you'll forget about the busy hotel you were in last summer and the neighborhood pool. Romantic B & B's with a private pool is simply everything you need in order to experience a romantic and pampering experience together.

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