zimmers in rosh pina

צימרים בראש פינה - Pisgat Hahar
2 Cabins on Rosh Pina Upper Galilee
2 isolated cabins on the top of the mountain in Rosh Pina with a pastoral and magical view. Each cabin has a double Jacuzzi and a large double bed.
Starting at ₪700
צימרים בראש פינה - Rosh Pinat Noy
2 Cabins ו- the suite on Rosh Pina Upper Galilee
The picturesque resort spectacular colony of Rosh Pina. Suites of unique design with complex and impressive private garden and an indoor heated pool and each suite.
Starting at ₪1000
צימרים בראש פינה - Adva Gvoha Ma'al Kolem
4 Suites on Rosh Pina Upper Galilee
Uniquely designed luxury suites colony of Rosh Pina. Even with a heated pool and panoramic views from every corner of the compound.
Starting at ₪950
צימרים בראש פינה - El Guy Oni Suites
3 Suites on Rosh Pina Upper Galilee
Beautiful resort overlooking the addictive atmosphere of Rosh Pina. Suite with private pool and two spa suites with Jacuzzi dream.
Starting at ₪600
צימרים בראש פינה - Guest rooms in Rosh Pina
4 on Rosh Pina Upper Galilee
4 accommodation units on a mountain in Rosh Pina a quiet pastoral area isolated. Each guest unit with a large double bed is luxurious and suitable for a different number of guests
Starting at ₪600
צימרים בראש פינה - Pina Barosh
Villa with 2 Bedrooms ו-5 Suites on Rosh Pina Upper Galilee
5 guest rooms in a modern and prestigious modern design, with a spacious and well maintained garden filled with enchanting seating areas, an adjacent chef restaurant and a variety of treats.
Starting at ₪1150
Additional B & Bs within a distance of up to 10 km מRosh Pina
the suite on Nof Kinert Upper Galilee
Spectacular design suite, a luxurious design and rich. Features a heated indoor pool with Jacuzzi bench spa jets and streams
2 Cabins ו-2 Suites on Biriya Upper Galilee
4 luxurious accommodation units designed in Moshav Birya, surrounded by attractions and activities. A large and pampering Jacuzzi in each unit and a well-kept and invested outdoor complex with two pampering heated indoor pools.
3 Suites on Had Nes golan
Spacious suites designed in Had Nes, near the Sea of Galilee, with a light and free atmosphere, equal and romantic treats at its peak. A private courtyard, a luxurious pool and lush greenery.
Cabin ו-2 Suites on Dalton Upper Galilee
Shaped huts full of beauty, with a swimming pool and a host of prestigious wineries, landscapes and activities nearby.
2 Cabins ו-2 Suites on Had Nes golan
A pampering vacation in the prestigious Enicha complex - suites in a spectacular design with a heated swimming pool facing the view of Mount Hermon
Villa with 4 Bedrooms ו- the suite on Kfar Samai Upper Galilee
וילת אירוח חלומית במושב כפר שמאי בנויה כ4 סוויטות עם חלל מרכזי גדול ומרווח עם בריכת שחיה פרטית וגקוזי ספא מפנק
3 Cabins on Dalton Upper Galilee
3 spacious wooden cabins designed with a children's gallery floor and a private bedroom. A well-kept outdoor area featuring a shared swimming pool, private swimming pool, barbecue area and comfortable seating areas.
3 Cabins on Elifelet Upper Galilee
Picturesque vacation with spectacular mountain views. Decorated wooden chalets and a swimming pool await you for a romantic holiday, near Rosh Pina and the Galilee.
3 Suites on Had Nes golan
Upscale gourmet holiday for couples, offering an exceptionally high standard suites, a swimming pool and a range of impressive personal chef meals of your choice.
Cabin, Villa with 2 Bedrooms ו- the suite on Amirim Upper Galilee
Suites in the woods, rustic atmosphere in luxurious and stunning views. With a huge spa complex, luxurious and warm.
3 on Amirim Upper Galilee
3 luxurious and well maintained suites, situated on the edge of a mountain overlooking a perfect panoramic view. Rn a pampering Jacuzzi in each, a fireplace and a balcony with a magnificent view.
2 Suites on Mishmar Hayarden Upper Galilee
Designed romantic holiday, with a pool and hot tub spa overlooking the most beautiful North. Only minutes away from the most desirable attractions!
2 Suites on Had Nes golan
In Had Nes in the Golan Heights, two impressive suites are designed in a quality country style with a variety of treats and a private Jacuzzi in each.
3 Suites on Dalton Upper Galilee
Mitzpe Chen - 3 designed suites with a swimming pool to accommodate couples and families. An experience of peace, quiet and lots of love
Cabin on Dalton Upper Galilee
A unique wooden suite for families and couples in absolute privacy, includes a separate bedroom for the parents, with a romantic Jacuzzi, a children's gallery floor and a courtyard with a private pool (heated in season) and a private outdoor spa jacuzzi.
2 Cabins on Dalton Upper Galilee
a picturesque and pampering complex in the village of Dalton in the heart of the Upper Galilee, in the compound are two enchanting wooden cabins with a double Jacuzzi and a separate children's room and a heated swimming pool and hot spa Jacuzz

Selection of Romantic B & B in Rosh Pina, found your next vacation:

There are not many places in Israel are romantic and beautiful as the head of the corner. Anyone looking for a romantic vacation rentals in Rosh Pina, his options are many and varied Since this is a fairly Mtoiir area that has many quality vacation rentals. In the north many Romantic B & B, also in the Golan Heights, also in the Sea of ​​Galilee and the Galilee region. If you choose to passengers actually Rosh Pina area - acted wisely! A great holiday awaits you, but first you must find Suitable. Bed and breakfasts in Rosh Pina, are intimate and very picturesque.

To reach the romantic cabanas best Rosh Pina have to spend searching, but usually this investment will pay off for you. So how to find Rosh Pina Romantic Zimmers? Due to the uniqueness of Rosh Pina, many come Romantic B & B in Rosh Pina, an integral part of a vacation in the north. To find Romantic B & B in Rosh Pina, I recommend starting with a brief search on the Internet. Full Internet sites dealing with numerous guest houses and many of these sites have recommendations from trustworthy travelers. Once you have found several BB over the Internet, talk with bed and breakfasts and checked that have everything you are looking for. Romantic B & B in Rosh Pina should be equipped and their quality because it is usually not low.

Remember that whether you choose B & B in Rosh Pina and whether another area, be sure to have Zimmer (especially with the question Zimmer romantic) all necessary accessories, namely - a large double Jacuzzi, DVD, home theater, fun, sun terrace, fully equipped kitchenette in every well and more. Rosh Pina has many vacation rentals that have all of these and more. Of course, the scenery and atmosphere have an impact on your choice. Rosh Pina has a special atmosphere, very romantic and intimate. In summary, we can certainly say that anyone traveling on vacation Guest romantic Rosh Pina, looking for a place where he can escape a little daily troubles and just relax. Rosh Pina gives it big and so is so popular among Israeli tourists. I definitely recommend this trip romantic cabanas at the top corner!

אילו אטרקציות יש בקרבת צימרים בראש פינה?
ניתן למצוא בקרבת הישוב מגוון רחב של אטרקציות כגון: מסלולי טיול מעניינים, נחל ראש פינה, טיולי ג'יפים, טיסה בכדור פורח, קיאקים בנהר הירדן, טיולי סוסים, מסעדות מעניינות ועוד.
האם יש צימרים עם בריכה בראש פינה?
קיימים מספר צימרים עם בראש פינה עם בריכה, תוכלו למצוא אותם כאן בעמוד.
האם יש נוף מיוחד הנשקף מראש פינה?
הנוף הנשקף מן הישוב הוא נוף מדהים לכנרת כולה.
האם יש מכולת / צרכנייה בראש פינה?
כמובן, המושבה ראש פינה היא אזור תיירותי וישנם מבחר אזורי מסחר הכוללים חנויות מכולות / אופנה / מסעדות ועוד.
האם יש בית כנסת בקרבת צימרים בראש פינה?
יש כ- 5 בתי כנסת בישוב - ניתן לברר עם המארחים את הקרבה אל בית הכנסת הקרוב ביותר לצימר.
האם צימרים בראש פינה מתאימים לזוגות?
כן, בראש פינה ישנם מבחר צימרים לזוגות המחפשים נופש מפנק ורומנטי.
האם צימרים בראש פינה מתאימים למשפחות?
כמובן! בראש פינה תוכלו למצוא מגוון צימרים למשפחות המעניקים חופשה מפנקת.
מה המרחק של ראש פינה מהכנרת?
המושבה ראש פינה נמצא כ-20 דקות נסיעה מחופי הכנרת.
מה המרחק של ראש פינה מהחרמון?
המושבה ראש פינה נמצאת כ-30 דקות נסיעה מהחרמון.