Zimmers for Families

Looking for an excellent family vataion? Here's a list of Zimmers for families

צימרים למשפחות - fronsine
Villa with 5 Bedrooms ו-3 Suites on Ein Yaacov Western Galilee
Beautiful luxury compound meter lap three magical suites that share a heated indoor swimming pool and each different spa facilities and luxurious
From- ₪1100
צימרים למשפחות - Chateau Prestige
Villa with 8 Bedrooms ו-4 Suites on Ein Yaacov Western Galilee
Romantic holiday, luxurious and exclusive. Suites with private pools and a huge indescribable view to the Galilee and the sea.
From- ₪1000
צימרים למשפחות - Shilovim Bateva
11 Cabins, Villa with 5 Bedrooms ו- the suite on Shtula Western Galilee
Combinations in nature - for couples who want to have a romantic vacation and for families who want a quality time out. This is the time - a country holiday for fun, rest and fun.
From- ₪800
צימרים למשפחות - Hilat Hashahar
2 Suites on Ein Yaacov Western Galilee
New suite, luxurious and private! In a rich and luxurious design, separate bedroom for children, a heated and private indoor swimming pool, jacuzzi and personal spa and other treats ...
From- ₪1500
צימרים למשפחות - Pninat Hamaayanot
4 Suites on Rehov valley of Springs
A very pampering Compound that includes 3 suites designed and equipped with a high standard that includes a romantic Jacuzzi and a well maintained green area with barbecue area, hammocks and sunbeds.
From- ₪650
צימרים למשפחות - collina verde-
2 Suites on Amka Western Galilee
קולינה וארדה- מתחם פרטי ומפנק בעל שתי סוויטות זהות ומפנקות, בישוב עמקה שבגליל המערבי. עם ג'קוזי ספא פרטי לכל אחת.
From- ₪1000

Looking for an excellent family vacation? Family B & B offers a refreshing alternative to a routine vacation in a hotel.

Family Zimmers are a golden opportunity to take yourself and the children out of their daily routine, from school and homework, work, television and computer, and to experience the nature of nature together in a tranquil and relaxed atmosphere in the wonderful nature of the northern region.

How are different from standard bed and breakfasts?

In bed and breakfasts built especially for family vacation with children, bed and breakfasts for families usually include a gallery floor with single or double beds or an additional bedroom for the children's lodging. There are many vacation complexes with a large number of units, offering a vacation for the extended family, in adjacent units, where you can come as a large group and invite all the bed and breakfasts in the complex. You can enjoy a special holiday in a private and private place with a large garden area. In some of the guest rooms you will also find playgrounds for children such as ping pong tables, snooker, soccer or giant trampoline and more games.

What is important to check before going to Zimmers for families?

Since you are a family your resort includes of course hosting children and with children you should be careful and check the safety of a variety of products. For the first time, we will check the place of children's lodging, whether there is a comfortable bed or a high-quality sofa, a gallery floor or a separate bedroom. It is important that we prepare the children for their sleeping quarters and show them pictures where they sleep. If there is a gallery floor, check that there is a security gate.

In addition, a family vacation in the pampering complex also includes a luxurious swimming pool! There is nothing the children like more than sitting all day in the swimming pool with swimsuits, sea wheels and shade umbrellas. It is important to ensure that the compound pool is well fenced and delimited so that the children will not be able to access the pool on their own and thus we can prevent disaster God forbid.

Family Vacation provides an experiential vacation and brings families together in perfect freedom without worries. Even outside the B & B, you can enjoy activities and attractions for the whole family that will leave you with a smile and of course anticipation, until the next family vacation!

מה טווח המחירים של צימרים למשפחות?

טווח המחירים בצימרים למשפחות נע בין 1000-1800 ש"ח ללילה (למשפחה ממוצעת של שני ילדים)

האם המחיר המוצג באתר הוא מחיר למשפחה?
המחיר המוצג באתר צימרטופ מציג את מחיר האירוח לזוג. במידה ורוצים להוסיף ילד או כמה ילדים ניתן להוסיף בקלות ולצפות במחיר הסופי של האירוח ללילה.
מה טווח המחירים לתוספת ילד?
טווח המחירים לתוספת ילד משתנה בין מתחם למתחם ונעה בין 150 ש"ח עד 200 ש"ח
מאיזה גיל ילד מחושב במחיר ילד?

במרבית המתחמים תינוק הוא עד גיל שנתיים - ילד הוא עד גיל 12 - מעל גיל 12 תוספת התשלום מחושבת כמבוגר.

האם יש צימרים למשפחות עם בריכה מחוממת?

כמובן, בצימרטופ תוכלו להזמין מתוך מבחר צימרים למשפחות עם בריכה לחופשת חורף מדהימה וייחודית לכל המשפחה.