zimmers in ramot

צימרים ברמות - Green-Resort
4 Suites on Ramot golan
In Moshav Ramot, near the beautiful Kinneret, a particularly pampering boutique complex has been established, with 6 beautiful and luxurious suites, with a pampering swimming pool and Jacuzzi.
Starting at ₪1100
צימרים ברמות - Ahava Ve-Romantica
2 Suites on Ramot golan
Vacation quality, luxurious and romantic "on the water", which includes cabins decorated with a private pool each cabin spectacular landscape of Galilee.
Starting at ₪1100
צימרים ברמות - Kesem Hashani
2 Cabins on Ramot golan
Indulge in spa hot tub giant information and look into all of Galilee ... Wooden dream at the end of an open landscape, with a lot of style and excellent hospitality level.
Starting at ₪1190
צימרים ברמות - Eden Ramot Cabins
3 Cabins on Ramot golan
Wooden romantic and spectacular with luxurious pool area and a private sauna per suite.
Starting at ₪850
צימרים ברמות - Cabins Atz Oren
7 Cabins ו- the suite on Ramot golan
Romantic wooden cabins in a wonderful nostalgic design, with a well maintained garden compound, a large and luxurious swimming pool, a special dining room and a perfect proximity to the Sea of Galilee.
Starting at ₪650
צימרים ברמות - Cabins Atz Noam
2 Cabins ו-3 Suites on Ramot golan
First line Sea of Galilee! Cabins are designed and romantic for couples and families, with a pool, Hat Tabb, a sauna and a variety of treats.
Starting at ₪700
Additional B & Bs within a distance of up to 10 km מRamot
3 Suites on Had Nes golan
Spacious suites designed in Had Nes, near the Sea of Galilee, with a light and free atmosphere, equal and romantic treats at its peak. A private courtyard, a luxurious pool and lush greenery.
2 Suites on Maale Gamla golan
Two spacious and luxurious wooden cabins with a Jacuzzi facing the view. Exterior area directly overlooking the panoramic view of the Sea of Galilee and the Golan.
2 Suites on Maale Gamla golan
Luxury suites overlooking spectacular dream Sea of Galilee. With private flows heated swimming pool and each suite.
2 on Maale Gamla golan
A unique vacation with a mesmerizing view of the Sea of Galilee, the Hermon and the northern mountains. The suites are beautifully designed with the best privacy, quality and pampering.
2 Suites on Maale Gamla golan
Mongolian romantic suite design unique and spectacular, with private garden each suite includes a huge swimming pool, pampering tab Hut and excellent personal hospitality.
2 Cabins ו-2 Suites on Had Nes golan
A pampering vacation in the prestigious Enicha complex - suites in a spectacular design with a heated swimming pool facing the view of Mount Hermon
3 Suites on Had Nes golan
מתחם נופש עם 3 סוויטות אירוח בריכה פרטית ובריכה משותפת, ג'קוזי ספא פרטיים ומתחמי גן אישיים המשקיפים אל נוף מקסים של רמת הגולן.
2 Suites on Had Nes golan
In Had Nes in the Golan Heights, two impressive suites are designed in a quality country style with a variety of treats and a private Jacuzzi in each.
  • BB Selection at Ramot Kinneret front, found your next vacation:
  • Community levels is one of the most beautiful towns in Israel, in my opinion, so I really like to travel with my wife romantic cabanas levels. Every year, when we are debating where to go north, the name always rising levels ... romantic bed and breakfasts BB levels are very high quality and of course, very luxurious and intimate. My requirements romantic B & B are usually quite high, it is not easy to please me, but every time I get romantic cabanas at I repeat them satisfied and can not wait until the next time I get this wonderful settlement. In this article, we detail about romantic bed and breakfasts domain levels. Almost all romantic bed and breakfasts are at a very high level so hard to be disappointed.

  • You can find Romantic B & B at the Pool, Romantic B & B levels of wood or stone, isolated guesthouses, B & B with several floors and more ... must of course decide in advance what your budget and when you want a passenger, but after you received the decision will not have trouble finding BB appropriate this picturesque community. From my personal experience, the best method is to find a quality B & B's "word of mouth", ie through recommendations of friends. Also many websites that deal in this area can help you find a romantic vacation rentals that meet your needs.

  • When looking at vacation rentals is important on several important issues - first season suits you best. It is advisable to go to the season it is not hot or cold (but then also prices rise), and it is important of course to make sure that there are guest houses everything needed to make it luxurious - large hot tub, DVD and flat-screen plasma TV, fully equipped kitchen, a large terrace and more. All these are making the cabin more than just a simple bed and breakfast, a romantic luxury B & B is worth the money you invest in it. So well as community levels, these issues are particularly important. In summary, when going on holiday in the north, you should definitely consider traveling at romantic cabanas. This community atmosphere is peaceful and relaxing and if you choose a romantic vacation rentals are also at quality and with spectacular views, I am sure you will enjoy very much
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GREEN RESORT, בקתות עדן רמות, אהבה ורומנטיקה. 

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