Prestigious zimmers

Everyone want to live like Rothschild. Lucky that they have Prestigious zimmers

צימרים יוקרתיים - Kapland
Villa with 2 Bedrooms ו-2 Suites on Matat Western Galilee
Boutique holiday spectacular and extraordinary in nature, with heated swimming currents, saunas and uncompromising design
Starting at ₪1100
צימרים יוקרתיים - fabraje
the suite on Ein Yaacov Western Galilee
A new accommodation complex was established in March 2022, in a luxurious modern design. Located in Ein Yaakov in the Western Galilee, has a private single suite with two double bedrooms, a private heated indoor pool in winter, a private spa Jacuzzi and more.
Starting at ₪1800
צימרים יוקרתיים - Ahuzat Latta
3 Suites on Goren Western Galilee
A large and gorgeous mansion that includes 3 luxurious suites with luxurious and rich spa complexes filled with all the best! Heated swimming pools, a hot spa Jacuzzi and more
Starting at ₪800
צימרים יוקרתיים - Sagol
the suite on Ein Yaacov Western Galilee
A completely private boutique suite with a luxurious private pool complex including a pampering spa jacuzzi overlooking the view and a professional barbecue area, luxuriously decorated and a separate guest room.
Starting at ₪1500
צימרים יוקרתיים - Nofay Gamla
2 Suites on Maale Gamla golan
Two spacious and luxurious wooden cabins with a Jacuzzi facing the view. Exterior area directly overlooking the panoramic view of the Sea of Galilee and the Golan.
Starting at ₪1000
צימרים יוקרתיים - collina verde-
2 Suites on Amka Western Galilee
Kolina Varde - a private and pampering complex with two identical and luxurious suites, in the town of Amka in the Western Galilee. With a private spa Jacuzzi for each.
Starting at ₪1200

Prestigious zimmers Especially luxurious

But between us, we are not so crazy about this sense of responsibility that was accompanied by a lot of pocket. We prefer to live in luxury, without a reason and need to worry about anything around. We are lucky to have luxury Accommodation could be counted on this issue.

Let us sweep you right to the pleasures of the good life: the beauty and luxury, tempting pool, views and hosts are just the tip adjacent to the experience. It's OK, we know that you always have (and us) the opportunity to enjoy the highest level of the resort, but if you do not try it at least once - how will you know how much it really worth it?

Exclusive entertainment options now almost as common country cafes

. We are not talking forbid the murderous rise of dozens of percent like that of coffee beans, but on the contrary, the kind of "commercialization" in the world of luxury, actually brings lower prices, thanks to the welcome competition between different bed and breakfasts.

In a world designed to entice you to come, ensure you the perfect experience and confine you to a private swimming pool, whirlpool spa and a variety of other cool features (Hello, massage chair dreams), luxury Accommodation assure you the perfect pleasure and entertainment of all good. Until less than 5 years, you had to pay a lot for your vacation royal luxury world today also understand the best performers and the 90 minute discounts or weekdays, so you can take for yourself the situation. Which means that Zimmer choose where and whenever you choose, not necessarily only for the rich.

With just a little more investment, you can achieve the kind of the perfect holiday and even without buying a plane ticket abroad. BB exclusive souvenir will be happy to serve you a great family or couple, which pretends to be the best, and currently also the most affordable.

מה טווח המחרים של צימרים יוקרתיים?

המחירים בצימרים יוקרתיים בצפון נעים בין 1000 ש"ח עד 2500 ש"ח ללילה 

אילו איבזורים יש בצימרים יוקרתיים ?
צימרים יוקרתיים מאובזרים בצורה יוקרתית ומפוארת יותר וכוללים עיצוב מפואר, בריכה פרטית כסטנדרט, סבונים, שוקולדים ועוד המון פינוקים יוקרתיים השמורים רק לסוג צימרים זה.
מיהו הצימר היוקרתי ביותר באתר צימרטופ?

הצימר היוקרתי באתר צימרטופ הוא נסיה - סוויטת בוטיק פרטית בגליל , בנוסף אתר צימרטופ מציג מבחר צימרים יוקרתיים מפנקים ואיכותיים במיוחד. 

באילו ישובים בצפון יש צימרים יוקרתיים?

צימרים יוקרתיים מפוזרים בכל הצפון ובישובים הבאים בפרט: חד נס , אמירים , כפר ורדים

האם יש צימרים יוקרתיים עם בריכה פרטית מחוממת?

כמובן! בעמוד הבא תוכלו למצוא ולבחור מתוך מבחר צימרים עם בריכה מחוממת לחופשת חורף חלומית!