Zimmers for Couples only

Want to go on a romantic vacation in a pampering area? zimmers for Couples only

צימרים לזוגות בלבד - A solid rainbow
Cabin ו-2 Suites on Yaara Western Galilee
A magical accommodation complex in Moshav Yaara in the Western Galilee with two special stone suites with an internal Jacuzzi and a wooden cabin, for the complex a swimming pool and a spa Jacuzzi.
Starting at ₪600
צימרים לזוגות בלבד - Alin
2 Suites on Shefer Upper Galilee
A luxurious private suite in front of a unique landscape. With a heated pool, Jacuzzi spa pampering and romance without limits.
Starting at ₪1000
צימרים לזוגות בלבד - y house
2 Suites on Mishmar Hayarden Upper Galilee
Two exclusive suites in Moshav Mishmar HaYarden, which radiate splendor, luxury and comfort. With a private heated indoor pool for each, fully equipped for a quiet and peaceful vacation.
Starting at ₪1700
צימרים לזוגות בלבד - סוויטת הנוף של שקדי
the suite on Granot Hagalil Western Galilee
סוויטה אינטימית בישוב גרנות הגליל שבגליל המערבי, עם מתחם חוץ אינטימי ובו בריכת שחיה אינטימית ונוף מרהיב. לסוויטה שני חדרי שינה והיא מתאימה לזוגות או משפחות עד 6 נפשות.
Starting at ₪1000
צימרים לזוגות בלבד - Avivim La-Ohavim
3 Cabins on Avivim Upper Galilee
A well maintained and romantic holiday complex, with large log cabins for couples and families, with a luxurious pool and a quiet and special rural atmosphere.
Starting at ₪700
צימרים לזוגות בלבד - Valdmans
2 Suites on Kfar Vradim Western Galilee
A luxurious experience full of intimacy and lots of love. Luxurious suites for couples only, with a private heated pool for each suite and perfect hospitality.
Starting at ₪1000

On this page you will find a selection of B & B vacation rentals for couples only. Book your next vacation here.

We are all familiar with the reasons that make the prestigious group of vacation rentals a winning holiday. The resort complex is quiet, isolated and private, something that does not exist in other types of vacations. However, many luxury places offer more than one luxurious suite, so the entire complex is divided into a common garden. In this way silence is not always maintained and privacy may disappear.

For this special sense of privacy only for couples, many hosts have established luxury B & B with a private garden area, so that your suite will always be separate from others also in the outside. The luxury resort complexes with the private garden complex make the resort personal for you only. You can go from the bedroom and living room to a private, well maintained garden with comfortable seating areas, beautiful views and even a pool - all yours, exclusive and completely private.

B vacation rentals for couples only, without mistakes

There are quite a few B & B that define themselves as couples only, but in practice when a couple arrives on a romantic vacation you will discover in the adjacent units families with many children, groups and more. B & B vacation rentals for couples only does not have to be private, fenced and we can not see any other people except the spouse we came with on vacation ... The main idea behind this is the peace and quiet that every couple needs and wants. Without shouting children, noise and crying that do not give rest. There is time for any vacation, even for family holidays you can find the right time with the noise and commotion, but on a romantic vacation in bed and breakfasts only couples do not give up.

zimmers for couples only in full privacy

Today you can find a wide range of luxury complexes with a private area mainly in the north, from which you can choose quickly and easily according to your personal taste and recommendations reviewed. It is important to remember that a private garden area makes the level of hospitality you receive high, quality and generally more expensive. However, this is an ideal and desirable holiday worth trying at least once. Everyone is jealous of his privacy and especially during his vacation, a vacation in a luxury cabin with a private garden will allow you to concentrate on yourself and on your own!

So what are you waiting for? Look at the selection of bed and breakfasts for couples only and choose your romantic and private vacation.

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