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Law badget zimmers less than 700 NIS, a list of cheap zimmers:

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Zimmers for Low budget - Bien Zriha Le-Shkia'a
Bien Zriha Le-Shkia'a
Spectacular luxury resort complex, with indoor heated pool and Jacuzzi and private spa suite on the front lines every breathtaking view.
052-9172721 Adi
Zimmers for Low budget - Romantica Ba-Galil
Romantica Ba-Galil
Holiday picturesque heart of the Galilee overall quality romantic suite accommodation for couples and families, with a heated pool, spa currents, sauna and more
052-9788658 Dorit
Zimmers for Low budget - Biankini holiday village
Biankini holiday village
On the shoreline of the enchanting Dead Sea, opposite a magnificent panoramic view, 67 luxurious units designed in an ancient Moroccan style. There are plenty of treats in the lowest place in the world.
Zimmers for Low budget - Noam Bagalil
בלעדי באתר
Noam Bagalil
Amazing Romantic log cabins for couples and families, with a luxurious pool, upgraded accommodation and spectacular views.
052-9708273 Eliran
Zimmers for Low budget - Avivim La-Ohavim
בלעדי באתר
Avivim La-Ohavim
A well maintained and romantic holiday complex, with large log cabins for couples and families, with a luxurious pool and a quiet and special rural atmosphere.
052-9127997 Amir / Doreen
Zimmers for Low budget - Atzulat Natanel
Atzulat Natanel
Compound spectacular and abundant Pleasures. With a dreamy pool, spa and other huge currents. Accommodation at an affordable price.
052-9098197 Natanel/Mazal
Zimmers for Low budget - Karma Ba'golan
Karma Ba'golan
Had Nes   |   zimmers golan
A pastoral area overlooking the Sea of Galilee and the Golan Heights, including 4 luxurious suites in each suite. A pampering double Jacuzzi in the complex, a heated swimming pool and a sauna.
052-9098111 Meir
Zimmers for Low budget - Zimmers BaYa'ar
Zimmers BaYa'ar
Suites in the woods, rustic atmosphere in luxurious and stunning views. With a huge spa complex, luxurious and warm.
052-9097768 Itamar
Zimmers for Low budget - La-BriZe
The scenery you see from here, you will not see from anywhere ... complex delights decorated with a huge spa Jacuzzi and pool must be shown.
052-9121881 regev
Zimmers for Low budget - Nihoach Hazait
Nihoach Hazait
A dream vacation in the heart of the Upper Galilee, 4 romantic wooden cabins for couples that are also suitable for families. Each cabin has a large rectangular double Jacuzzi, a well-equipped kitchen and a balcony with a seating area.
052-9123204 Dina
Zimmers for Low budget - Merhak Negia
Merhak Negia
New records for romance. Holiday complex meticulous and elegant suites that you can not remain indifferent to them ...
052-9172702 Shay
Zimmers for Low budget - Biktot Agam
Biktot Agam
5 luxurious suites and 3 luxurious wooden cabins in a beautiful area in the Upper Galilee, each with a romantic double Jacuzzi and a well maintained green garden yard with a heated indoor swimming pool.
052-9122698 Abraham/Bat sheva
Zimmers for Low budget - El Mull Ha-Nof
El Mull Ha-Nof
See all western Galilee from the balcony. Romantic luxury suites with pool and wonderful hospitality.
052-9706144 Edi
Zimmers for Low budget - Suite Bakfar
Suite Bakfar
Celebration cylindrical shaped luxurious suites with indoor heated pool, indoor whirlpool spa and a variety of meals Chef option.
052-9098114 Eliran
Zimmers for Low budget - Ahuza Ma'aver La-Ofek
Ahuza Ma'aver La-Ofek
Shaped huts full of beauty, with a swimming pool and a host of prestigious wineries, landscapes and activities nearby.
052-9708209 Rachel
Zimmers for Low budget - Biktot Raz
בלעדי באתר
Biktot Raz
In Moshav Manot in the Western Galilee there are 4 romantic wooden cabins suitable for couples and families. Each cabin has a huge double Jacuzzi, a king size bed and a private balcony. A refreshing swimming pool and a selection of seating areas.
052-9708334 Iris
Zimmers for Low budget - Lehitahav Ba-Nof
Lehitahav Ba-Nof
Spectacular suites, "the mark" with a view panoramic cylindrical and mesmerizing. Relaxing with a swimming pool, Jacuzzi spa quality, romantic atmosphere and generous hospitality all good.
052-9122693 Yafa/Moran
Zimmers for Low budget - Meromi Hazon
Meromi Hazon
A luxurious wooden cabin with 3 bedrooms, a double corner Jacuzzi, two fully equipped kitchenettes, a heated winter covered swimming pool and a balcony with a mesmerizing view.
052-9121726 Jacqueline
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World works so fast, really good vacation is not a luxury. So why still considered cheap vacation rentals less polite request? Many guest complexes have realized that the lack of price adjustment in which the Israeli audience, causing them to lose market share very large and therefore many of them have begun to reduce prices, special promotions and discounts to the 90th minute. So students, young couples and families can now enjoy a better quality and at a fair price.

Zimmer considered cheaper, they are priced not exceeding 600 ₪ per night (when the price is a couple) and you can find good and well-kept vacation rentals ranging from 500 ₪ per night or less! Despite the price, this is a group of compounds that includes plenty of entertainment options to your drives, such as high-quality furnishings relaxing garden, a pool and a beautiful view. These BB did not have the best facilities you can get as a luxury guest houses, but we guarantee you a pleasant stay where you will enjoy equally.

Book now law badget zimmers in the north

You should note the location of the cabins is not relevant to the issue price. You can find cheap price Zimmer attractive places like the area of ​​Galilee, at the foot of Mount Hermon and in Hmtoiirim as Rosh Hanikra Rosh Pina. They also found next to the beautiful scenery and a variety of activities in the area.

Development of cultural tourism and resort in northern Israel, brought an increase in standard rooms, along with a decrease in prices so you do not have to work hard to find those that meet perfectly the needs.

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