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Price For 25 People
vila - Chateau Prestige
Chateau Prestige call
Luxury Villa with 8 double suites, a luxurious pool, whirlpool spa, Playstaiton. Excellent for families and seminars. The villa is suitable for up to 40 people.
Total ₪9000
Price For 18 People
vila - Ahoza Al Hamaim
Ahoza Al Hamaim call
Shomera   |   Western Galilee
אחוזה על המים- וילה מדהימה וייחודית בעלת 4 חדרי שינה נעימים ומדהימים ביופיים עם חצר גדולה מטופחת ופסטורלית במושב שומרה הקסום שבגליל המערבי. חופשה מדהימה וקסומה מובטחת באזור שופע אטרקציות.
Eldad Yogev
50% discount
Total ₪3000
Price For 10 People
vila - Pool-View
Pool-View call
Manot   |   Western Galilee
A luxury villa with 3 bedrooms. With a giant movie screen, a heated pool and Jacuzzi spa pool.
Total ₪3500
Price For 18 People
vila - Hadavar Ha'amiti
Hadavar Ha'amiti call
Ein Yaacov   |   Western Galilee
Luxurious and luxurious villa, with 4 luxurious bedrooms, spacious living room, large equipped kitchen and high quality play tables
10% discount
Total ₪3600
Price For 4 People
vila - Ahuzat Ca'Tamar Ifrah
Ahuzat Ca'Tamar Ifrah call
Yaara   |   Western Galilee
Spacious luxury suite with a spectacular swimming pool, separate children's room and master bedroom with jacuzzi and fully equipped bathroom
Ilanit / koren
Total ₪2000
Price For 10 People
vila - Alumot Joseph
Alumot Joseph call
Goren   |   Western Galilee
Spacious suite in modern design, 3 en suite bedrooms in each room, fully equipped kitchen and professional snooker table
We are fully booked for this dates
Price For 22 People
vila -  fronsine
fronsine call
A large and luxurious single family home, 3 bedrooms with bathroom, additional children's room, heated swimming pool, spa Jacuzzi and more
B & B
Total ₪6500
Price For 16 People
vila - Biktot Raz
בלעדי באתר
Biktot Raz call
Manot   |   Western Galilee
In Moshav Manot in the Western Galilee there are 4 romantic wooden cabins suitable for couples and families. Each cabin has a huge double Jacuzzi, a king size bed and a private balcony. A refreshing swimming pool and a selection of seating areas.
10% discount
Total ₪3600
Price For 14 People
vila - HaShemesh HaKsoma
HaShemesh HaKsoma call
Luxurious mansion with three bedrooms luxurious and well-equipped with a bathroom in each, and luxurious queen-size bed
Total ₪3500
Price For 4 People
vila - Zimmers BaYa'ar
Zimmers BaYa'ar call
Amirim   |   Upper Galilee
Large, luxurious suite in a separate area, with a gallery floor and a huge private spa hot tub and pool.
Total ₪1300
Price For 10 People
vila - HaOfek HaYarok
HaOfek HaYarok call
Zarhit   |   Western Galilee
Even Suite nice and bright, with a large terrace in front of the panoramic view.
10% discount
Total ₪1440
Price For 6 People
vila - Pina Barosh
Pina Barosh call
Rosh Pina   |   Upper Galilee
Two double bedrooms, two elegant bathrooms and a spacious interiors
10% discount
Total ₪1800
Price For 24 People
vila - Casa Moses
Casa Moses call
The villa consists of 7 modern and luxurious bedrooms, each room has a huge double bed with an orthopedic mattress, 7 spacious bathrooms with toilet and shower, a tropical swimming pool and a spa jacuzzi.
We are fully booked for this dates
Price For 24 People
vila -  Lev Hahoresh Villas
Lev Hahoresh Villas call
Shomera   |   Western Galilee
A luxurious 4-bedroom villa with en suite bathrooms, a magnificent garden courtyard with barbecue corner and luxurious seating areas.
20% discount
Total ₪8400
Price For 20 People
vila - Ahuzat Elisheva
Ahuzat Elisheva call
Amka   |   Western Galilee
A luxurious and luxurious luxurious guest house, with 6 bedrooms equipped with a bathroom and a huge garden area with a swimming pool, spa Jacuzzi, sauna, coffee shop and more
Total ₪8500
Price For 15 People
vila - Birkata
בלעדי באתר
Birkata call
Shomera   |   Western Galilee
וילה משפחתית גדולה במיוחד עם 5 חדרי שינה, שני סלונים ושני חדרי רחצה מאובזרים היטב, עם בריכת שחייה מחוממת ומקורה ופינת משחקים לילדים.
15% discount
Total ₪3825
Price For 20 People
vila - Grand Royal
Grand Royal call
Netuah   |   Western Galilee
Grand Villa Royale offers you the perfect family vacation!
Total ₪8000
Price For 14 People
vila - Halom Be-Lavan
Halom Be-Lavan call
Avivim   |   Upper Galilee
A luxurious 4-bedroom villa, luxurious lobby, playground and kitchen suitable for cooking.
Total ₪6000
Price For 8 People
vila - Suite ba-galil
Suite ba-galil call
Avivim   |   Upper Galilee
Large and well equipped suite with 3 bedrooms, a living room and a central kitchen and a private garden corner.
Total ₪1500
Price For 10 People
vila - Ahuzat Edi
Ahuzat Edi call
A large isolated wooden villa with huge living room, fully equipped kitchen, gallery floor for children, private swimming pool and private spa Jacuzzi.
Total ₪2000

Looking for a family villa and all you find is villas for parties? Spectacular holiday homes suitable for families and groups

Meaning not for parties. Your family vacation in a villa in the north.


A special event and want to celebrate it together with the whole family, you spend whole days in front of the screen in intensive search for villas for families and all that comes up in your search are villas for parties? We know that it is not easy today to find a villa for a family that is specifically designed for families and is not a villa for a party, but precisely because we identified the lack of precise information on the various sites, we have set up groups for you for all ages, with all the necessary equipment and quality.


What should be checked in villas for families in the north?

Today, there are quite a few competitors in the family villa market, vacation homes set up for bachelorette / bachelorette parties, birthdays, etc. are changing their faces according to the demand and the right season, and are turning into guest rooms for families in the blink of an eye. A family villa should be defined as such and should not be replaced every season according to demand for several reasons. The first is safety - villas for families will usually provide safety equipment suitable for the entire family from the entry gate to the safety fence around the pool for the young children. The second reason is the villa equipment. In the villas for the parties you will find spacious bedrooms with a number of beds in them, lack of privacy and inadequate accessories.


Vacation homes, villas in the north, complexes for groups - is there a difference?

So, there is a difference between the three Haggadot listed above, but they are not large (of course it depends on which site they are looking for). Villas in the north is a general name for a villa that can accommodate both noisy parties and family birthdays. Spaces for groups can refer only to an external area without internal bedrooms and a suitable facility to transfer there overnight. Vacation homes refers to places of accommodation suitable for a number of people to vacation in them, sometimes refers to one large accommodation complex and sometimes can refer to the number of adjacent units in the same place.


I found a villa I liked, what should I check?

What you should remember when you are looking for a family villa is what you get in return for the price. The prices of the villas are not cheap at all, but considering all the luxury, facilities and maintenance of the place the price is not crazy (of course depending on the location). Emphasize the things that the owner gives you as part of the payment and ask questions about things that are not included so that there will be no unpleasantness when you arrive. Opinion, everything begins and ends there. You can get reviews from friends who were already in vacation homes or villas for families and rely on their opinion, but it is possible and even desirable to look at the opinions on the site that are reliable and based on a visit to the place of hospitality, the more opinions there the more quality and quality of your vacation will be safer.

It is important to remember that the sites presented here are not villas for parties under any circumstances! We offer you the best villas for your family vacation. We have reached the end ... We have provided you with our best recommendations, now it's your turn - go to the site, search for groups for groups, villas for families, vacation homes and more and find your next family vacation!

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