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Zimmer in northern - Ey Sham BeKlil
Ey Sham BeKlil
Klil   |   Western Galilee
A unique Wooden cabin in the heart of nature, facing a breathtaking view. A magical vacation in a romantic and private atmosphere in the clear air.
052-9788348 Hagit/Beni
Total ₪1100
Zimmer in northern - Zman Matat
Zman Matat
Matat   |   Western Galilee
A holiday home in Mitzpe Matat in the Western Galilee, with 3 spacious double bedrooms and a separate children's room and a large and well-equipped kitchen with a garden courtyard rich in colorful vegetation, green trees and pleasant seating areas.
072-3303861 Albert
We are fully booked for this dates
Zimmer in northern - Hahoresh
Yaara   |   Western Galilee
A holiday complex with 2 luxurious and private suites with a private pool and a pampering spa Jacuzzi for each suite. Each suite has a large, luxurious double bed, a well-equipped kitchenette and a well-maintained private yard.
052-9121885 Golan
We are fully booked for this dates
Zimmer in northern - Hadavar Ha'amiti
Hadavar Ha'amiti
Ein Yaacov   |   Western Galilee
Romantic wooden suite, with a sleek design, a heated swimming pool and indoor spa and large currents very professional.
052-9706139 יוגב
We are fully booked for this dates
Price For 10 People
Zimmer in northern - Pool-View
Manot   |   Western Galilee
A luxury villa with 3 bedrooms. With a giant movie screen, a heated pool and Jacuzzi spa pool.
052-9097794 Mor
Total ₪3500
Zimmer in northern - Adele Ahuzat Yokra
Adele Ahuzat Yokra
Shefer   |   Upper Galilee
In the compound is a well kept green garden. There are 4 luxurious wooden cabins, each with a huge Jacuzzi and a separate children's room.The communal garden has a refreshing swimming pool and a professional Jacuzzi spa.
052-9097763 Inbal
We are fully booked for this dates
Zimmer in northern - Avivim La-Ohavim
בלעדי באתר
Avivim La-Ohavim
Avivim   |   Upper Galilee
A well maintained and romantic holiday complex, with large log cabins for couples and families, with a luxurious pool and a quiet and special rural atmosphere.
052-9127997 Amir / Doreen
We are fully booked for this dates
Zimmer in northern - Pina Balev
Pina Balev
Rosh Pina   |   Upper Galilee
5 luxurious suites in Rosh Pina, with unique natural stone pool, whirlpool spa, sauna and fitness professional treatments and pampering.
052-9097889 yaniv
Zimmer in northern - Urban
Luxury Suite qualitatively unique design, with a heated swimming pool and Jacuzzi spa pampering in front of the Galilean landscape.
052-9098181 Zehava
We are fully booked for this dates
Zimmer in northern - Karma Ba'golan
Karma Ba'golan
Had Nes   |   golan
A pastoral area overlooking the Sea of Galilee and the Golan Heights, including 4 luxurious suites in each suite. A pampering double Jacuzzi in the complex, a heated swimming pool and a sauna.
052-9098111 Meir
We are fully booked for this dates
Zimmer in northern - HaOfek HaYarok
HaOfek HaYarok
Zarhit   |   Western Galilee
Fantastic holiday spectacular panoramic line. Suites for couples and families with swimming pool and a luxurious bath.
052-9097760 Moris
Total ₪1000
Zimmer in northern - Nofesh Kasum Suites
Nofesh Kasum Suites
2 beautiful suites one for couples and the other for families in a new and well maintained area, each suite has a romantic double Jacuzzi and a fully equipped kitchenette, in the garden courtyard there are sitting areas, hammocks, barbecue area and swimming pool.
052-9706142 Leah
15% discount
Total ₪680
Zimmer in northern - Ahuzat Terra Cotta
Ahuzat Terra Cotta
Meona   |   Western Galilee
A luxurious and unique holiday resort of 11 types, it includes an uncompromising hospitality experience, a heated indoor swimming pool, a huge spa area and more.
052-9097743 Shimon
Total ₪1100
Av. This weekend
Zimmer in northern - Pina Barosh
Pina Barosh
Rosh Pina   |   Upper Galilee
5 guest rooms in a modern and prestigious modern design, with a spacious and well maintained garden filled with enchanting seating areas, an adjacent chef restaurant and a variety of treats.
052-9097886 Omer
Total ₪900
Zimmer in northern - Gavoha Mol ha'Nof
Gavoha Mol ha'Nof
A beautiful and enchanting area with an open view, green and mesmerizing, with 2 luxurious and romantic suites with a huge Jacuzzi, a large double bed and an intimate and private balcony facing the view of each suite
052-9098185 daniel
Total ₪980
Zimmer in northern - Halom Be-Lavan
Halom Be-Lavan
Avivim   |   Upper Galilee
A luxurious and romantic vacation in luxurious suites, with a swimming pool and a huge spa Jacuzzi, wonderful views and a luxuriant hospitality.
052-9788331 Anat
Total ₪1200
Zimmer in northern - Mol Harim ve'Yam
Mol Harim ve'Yam
Hila   |   Western Galilee
A vegan nature reserve located on a cliff on the first line, with spectacular views, 4 spacious suites suitable for couples and families, each suite has a huge Jacuzzi and a private dry sauna.
052-9123208 Limor
Total ₪790
Zimmer in northern - Ahuzat David Ba-Teva
Ahuzat David Ba-Teva
kahal   |   Upper Galilee
Compound beautiful and elegant resort for couples and families, with a large swimming pool, a selection of treats and an atmosphere of complete freedom.
052-9172704 David
Total ₪750
Zimmer in northern - Meromi Hazon
Meromi Hazon
hazon   |   Upper Galilee
A luxurious wooden cabin with 3 bedrooms, a double corner Jacuzzi, two fully equipped kitchenettes, a heated winter covered swimming pool and a balcony with a mesmerizing view.
052-9121726 Jacqueline
Total ₪1000
Zimmer in northern - Biktot Asher
Biktot Asher
Dalton   |   Upper Galilee
A particularly well kept pool area, with rich greenery and magnificent garden furniture, with two fully equipped wooden cabins! A vacation you will not want to end.
052-9121828 Simha
Total ₪700
Zimmer in northern - Kesem Ha'ashoach
Kesem Ha'ashoach
Had Nes   |   golan
Two intimate wooden cabins opposite the Golan Heights and a large and well maintained lawn. A romantic and magical holiday.
052-9098186 Sando
Total ₪700
Zimmer in northern - Klil Ha'nof
Klil Ha'nof
Klil   |   Western Galilee
Two uniquely designed guest rooms with breathtaking panoramic views, private natural stone pools and a pampering spa jacuzzi.
052-9708205 Avigail
We are fully booked for this dates
Zimmer in northern - Zriha Ba-Kinneret
Zriha Ba-Kinneret
Two beautiful, luxurious suites facing the Sea of Galilee, with pool, whirlpool spa and sauna close to the waterline.
052-9788650 David
Total ₪850

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