Zimmers in Dalton

צימרים בדלתון - san marino suite
Cabin ו-2 Suites on Dalton Upper Galilee
Shaped huts full of beauty, with a swimming pool and a host of prestigious wineries, landscapes and activities nearby.
Starting at ₪800
צימרים בדלתון - Hilat HaHar
3 Cabins on Dalton Upper Galilee
3 spacious wooden cabins designed with a children's gallery floor and a private bedroom. A well-kept outdoor area featuring a shared swimming pool, private swimming pool, barbecue area and comfortable seating areas.
Starting at ₪650
צימרים בדלתון - adele in the galil estate
the suite on Dalton Upper Galilee
Luxurious guest suite in Moshav Dalton Hagalili, with a heated private pool, a pampering indoor Jacuzzi and plenty of attractions in the area.
Starting at ₪850
צימרים בדלתון - Ahuzat aosher
Cabin on Dalton Upper Galilee
A unique wooden suite for families and couples in absolute privacy, includes a separate bedroom for the parents, with a romantic Jacuzzi, a children's gallery floor and a courtyard with a private pool (heated in season) and a private outdoor spa jacuzzi.
Starting at ₪850
צימרים בדלתון - Mitzpe Chen
3 Suites on Dalton Upper Galilee
Mitzpe Chen - 3 designed suites with a swimming pool to accommodate couples and families. An experience of peace, quiet and lots of love
Starting at ₪700
צימרים בדלתון - Paamonei Hagalil
2 Cabins on Dalton Upper Galilee
a picturesque and pampering complex in the village of Dalton in the heart of the Upper Galilee, in the compound are two enchanting wooden cabins with a double Jacuzzi and a separate children's room and a heated swimming pool and hot spa Jacuzz
Starting at ₪800
Additional B & Bs within a distance of up to 10 km מDalton
the suite on Nof Kinert Upper Galilee
Spectacular design suite, a luxurious design and rich. Features a heated indoor pool with Jacuzzi bench spa jets and streams
3 Suites on Avivim Upper Galilee
Holiday picturesque heart of the Galilee overall quality romantic suite accommodation for couples and families, with a heated pool, spa currents, sauna and more
3 Cabins on Avivim Upper Galilee
A well maintained and romantic holiday complex, with large log cabins for couples and families, with a luxurious pool and a quiet and special rural atmosphere.
2 Suites on Safsufa Upper Galilee
Luxurious luxury suites with a swimming pool, spa Jacuzzi, large and well-kept garden with various games. Peak luxury and prestige in one place pampering and invested up to the smallest details.
2 Cabins ו-2 Suites on Biriya Upper Galilee
4 luxurious accommodation units designed in Moshav Birya, surrounded by attractions and activities. A large and pampering Jacuzzi in each unit and a well-kept and invested outdoor complex with two pampering heated indoor pools.
Villa with 4 Bedrooms ו- the suite on Kfar Samai Upper Galilee
וילת אירוח חלומית במושב כפר שמאי בנויה כ4 סוויטות עם חלל מרכזי גדול ומרווח עם בריכת שחיה פרטית וגקוזי ספא מפנק
4 Cabins on Shefer Upper Galilee
In front of a beautiful pastoral view are 4 luxurious wooden cabins with a well maintained outdoor area, including a luxurious swimming pool, a professional spa Jacuzzi, barbecue corner, swings, hammocks and other treats.
2 Cabins ו- the suite on Rosh Pina Upper Galilee
The picturesque resort spectacular colony of Rosh Pina. Suites of unique design with complex and impressive private garden and an indoor heated pool and each suite.
the suite on Shefer Upper Galilee
Luxurious private suite on the banks of the river separated overlooking a dream. With pool, whirlpool spa and a variety of massages to choose from.
4 Suites on Safsufa Upper Galilee
Spectacular luxury complex in the heart of the Upper Galilee.  4 royal design suites with heated indoor pool and jacuzzi spa streams in 3 of the suites
2 Cabins on Rosh Pina Upper Galilee
2 isolated cabins on the top of the mountain in Rosh Pina with a pastoral and magical view. Each cabin has a double Jacuzzi and a large double bed.
4 on Rosh Pina Upper Galilee
4 accommodation units on a mountain in Rosh Pina a quiet pastoral area isolated. Each guest unit with a large double bed is luxurious and suitable for a different number of guests
3 on Amirim Upper Galilee
3 luxurious and well maintained suites, situated on the edge of a mountain overlooking a perfect panoramic view. Rn a pampering Jacuzzi in each, a fireplace and a balcony with a magnificent view.
2 Cabins ו- the suite on Shefer Upper Galilee
Romance in the woods, overlooking the Sea of Galilee impressive. Beautiful wooden cabins with private pools and a perfect romantic atmosphere.
Cabin ו- the suite on Avivim Upper Galilee
Relaxing holiday complex in the Upper Galilee, facing breathtaking pastoral views, heated indoor pool and stream spa will delight you
3 Cabins on Elifelet Upper Galilee
Picturesque vacation with spectacular mountain views. Decorated wooden chalets and a swimming pool await you for a romantic holiday, near Rosh Pina and the Galilee.
4 Cabins on Safsufa Upper Galilee
Holiday complex and beautiful countryside overlooking the North. Cabins are designed for couples and families with a huge pool and Jacuzzi spa currents.
Cabin, Villa with 2 Bedrooms ו- the suite on Amirim Upper Galilee
Suites in the woods, rustic atmosphere in luxurious and stunning views. With a huge spa complex, luxurious and warm.
3 Cabins on Shefer Upper Galilee
A luxurious and romantic suite and 2 private wooden cabins overlooking the view, with a well maintained tropical complex including a hot tub, spa Jacuzzi, swimming pool, coconut trees and many more treats.
4 Suites on Rosh Pina Upper Galilee
Uniquely designed luxury suites colony of Rosh Pina. Even with a heated pool and panoramic views from every corner of the compound.

Want to maintain the return in a different atmosphere? Moshav Dalton located near Safed gives you innumerable choices of vacation rentals in the Upper Galilee. Accommodation in Dalton, are definitely the perfect solution to transfer the Sabbath magical atmosphere. Through Guestrooms for religiously observant, you too will be able to maintain the proper Sabbath and still enjoy all that place has to offer you.

How to find vacation rentals in Dalton

Dalton seat belongs to the Council of Merom Galil Currently, there are approximately 800 residents, but not only. The main occupation of inhabitants is viticulture, wine, and of course through the wonderful hospitality that have BB Dalton. B & B's in the Upper Galilee are located close to the graves of the righteous, the remains of a synagogue and other attractions and history of the place you are sure dipping the weekend also

Spirituality, with all that implies.

And now? Let's talk about what B & B for the religious community has to offer you, as stated, Zimmer offers a hot tub, spacious beds, air conditioning, seating and dining areas and fully equipped kitchens course also adjusted according to the required training. Please note that not all B & B will offer you, give you a kitchen with two sinks. Also, instead you will find a pool built according to all safety features and device, LCD TV, and of course breakfasts and other meals by prior arrangement. Yard will also find sun loungers, hammocks, swings and less important? Private parking.

אלו צימרים למשפחות בדלתון מומלצים לנופש משפחתי?

בדלתון תוכלו למצוא מבחר צימרים למשפחות- הנה כמה מהם: הילת ההר, אחוזת הנוף הצפוני, אחוזת האושר.

מה יש לעשות בסביבת צימרים בדלתון?

באיזור דלתון תוכלו למצוא מגוון מסלולים שווים ואטרקציות מהנות למשפחות,קבוצות או זוגות רומנטיים. 
בדף המתחם נמצא כל המידע הרצוי בנושא. 

האם יש צימרים רומנטיים לזוגות בדלתון?

כמובן, באתר צימרטופ תוכלו למצוא מגוון צימרים לזוגות בדלתון- לחופשה רומנטית חלומית. 

אילו צימרים יוקרתיים יש בדלתון?

כמובן, תוכלו למצוא מבחר צימרים יוקרתיים בדלתון לחופשה מפנקת וייחודית.

אילו מסעדות יש בקרבת דלתון?

בסביבת דלתון ישנן המון מסעדות ומקומות ייחודיים לאכל בהם, תוכלו להתעדכן בעמוד הצימר מה נמצא בקרבתו.