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Villa with 4 Bedrooms on Beit Hananya Coastal plane and plane

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Luxurious villa with 4 double bedrooms and a private pool
4 Bedrooms
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Villa Rouge - An exclusive vacation in a beautiful complex

The purple Khan Villa is a luxurious castle, with 4 double bedrooms and a large pool.In Moshav Beit Hanania on Hof Hacarmel is the luxurious dream castle "Villa Khran Hamargaman" - the castle is located in the area between Caesarea, Zichron Yaacov and Maagan Michael.Purple Khan Villa - When luxury touches the water you will arrive after passing by the water aqueduct of Herod the Emperor, right in the area of ​​the water flow from the Carmel ridge to the fortresses of Caesarea. In addition, you will pass by the ancient Roman aqueduct, right at the foot of the castle, where you can also stop to admire and climb it. After crossing the banana groves of Moshav Beit Hanania, you will reach the fairy tale complex.The prestigious complex is suitable for couples, families or groups who want to be pampered in front of the ancient and beautiful landscape from which there is a history of over 2000 years.The castle is built as a work of architectural art inside and out. Some of the castle's furniture and fittings have been taken, and restored from the treasures of the host families - a feeling that blends ancient, modern European styles.When you reach the castle you will enter a magical courtyard, from the outside you will see a modern and charming villa, completely immersed in greenery, trees and overlooking a park that sits next to it.As is the custom of fairies, the castle will not reveal to you from the outside its true romantic character.Only when you enter the first inner garden, you will discover the Khan-shaped castle, embracing the swimming pool, in the center. The castle. To enter the accommodation complex you will ascend the bridge, which hovers over the swimming pool, the charm between the style of Herod the Emperor, the simplicity of the accessories from the past and the luxury of contemporary fittings will immediately give you the feeling that you came to the castle

Our castle

The legendary "Purple Khan Villa" has 4 spacious double bedrooms:margelot hacarmel:Spacious suite, including a double bed, additional bed if necessary with 3 huge windows facing the spectacular view, one view towards the private swimming pool, the suite a short walk from the foot of the Carmel, which you can reach in about 20 minutes walk.Sea Wind Suite:Spacious suite, features a luxurious double bed, a view from the huge windows gives the feeling that the guest is in a forest, all immersed in trees and manicured lawns, when the window opens you will immediately feel the breeze coming from the sea a short drive away.Park Suite:Spacious suite, including a double bed + 2 extra beds if necessary, overlooks the park at the foot of which you can see your child walking alone unattended in the park in a rural atmosphere, swinging on swings, playing ball and using the facilities for fun.The gefen Suite:Spacious suite, including a double bed, extra bed if necessary with 2 huge windows facing the spectacular view, looking from the windows of the suite, you will see the vine climbing from the orchard loaded with grape clustersIn the fully equipped kitchen you will find an American refrigerator Side by Side, sink, microwave and stove 4 ceramic flames (three-phase)Furniture designed in a modern style combined with centuries-old furniture, which came with the family treasures from EuropeIn addition you will find bathrooms with toilets and pleasant showers, and a balcony overlooking the beautiful view.The castle has 3 bathrooms with toilet and shower, offering you toiletries for your use.

The yards

The inner patio and pergola:In the paved courtyard around the pool you will enjoy a large patio overlooking the pool, a large pergola with a large dining table + chairs for all guests, from the pergola you can jump straight into the water in the swimming pool."The swimming pool at the Crimson Khan Villa": Extra deep swimming pool, located in the center of the castle, the pool is very intimate and surrounded by a khan villa and a wall of about 3 meters and no one can see you bathing in the pool, by prior arrangement you can use the Turkish bath - wet sauna and the huge Jacuzzi by the pool.In the inner and outer courtyards:You will pass through the sheltered dungeons between the inner and outer courtyards, where you will enjoy large seating areas, comfortable lawns with shade and ornamental trees, all overlooking the beautiful landscape and the castle, sitting outside will leave you, a feeling of peace and tranquility like you can find in exotic coveted From the castle.

The khan next to the aqueduct - the vision of the hosts

The Khan Villa was built by us at the foot of the aqueduct of Herod the Emperor, in the area of ​​the water flow from the Carmel ridge to the fortresses of Caesarea.The castle is located between Caesarea and Zichron Yaacov, near the Binyamina train station. To a different fortress and colony.The prestigious and romantic complex is located in a unique castle, which includes a private swimming pool, paved garden areas, a private garden with fruit orchards, the amusement park next to the castle including a spacious lawn, trees and play facilities for children.The crimson Khan Villa is located between Caesarea and Binyamina - next to the crocodile truth in Moshav Beit Hanania.A quiet and magical complex about a 5-minute drive from the magical beaches of Hof Hacarmel, Caesarea, Dor Beach Reserve, Maayan Tzvi Hatuli Beach and about 5 minutes drive from the Binyamina train station and the ancient pedestrian zone of Zichron Yaacov.This is a romantic suites complex located in a unique castle, which is a life enterprise of a family tired of the volume clock, of the intensity of modern life, the family has chosen to establish in an original and creative way a different living environment for its residence.Since this is a particularly exclusive castle, and in order to maintain the character of the place is particularly romantic and intimate, we leave in the castle valuable equipment, valuable property, which we purchased, collected and built for many years. Therefore, we carefully check every guest who wants to stay at the castle.We rent the castle to couples and families who want to taste a luxurious, romantic and quality experience.Staying at the Khan Villa next to the aqueduct is an unforgettable exclusive experience.

למגזר הדתי

הבריכה מאד מאד מוגפת ומתאימה למגזר הדתי,יש בית כנסת סמוך בבנימינה מרחק הליכה של כ 10 דקות. (4 דקות נסיעה)יש אפשרות לקבל מיחם ופלטת שבת.

Important Information

On the lower level is a family suite, called the "Luxury Suite" - with three large double bedrooms, a fully equipped and designed kitchen, a comfortable and special dining area, and a huge living room, and there are also two beautiful outdoor balconies overlooking the spectacular and wonderful view.You can rent the "Purple Khan Villa" and add to it the "Luxury Suite" - for families and groups who need 7 double bedrooms.Ballroom:You can rent a luxurious ballroom including a screening room + a luxury dining table + an additional kitchen for 1700 NIS per day.Ballroom Sale for Summer 2020:The ballroom can be rented for NIS 3,000 for 3 days.Home Chef:Renowned and wealthy oligarchs from all over the world have enjoyed the delicacies of our in-house chef and can be coordinated for gourmet meals only, with the hostsTurkish bath and Jacuzzi:The Turkish bath can be used - a wet sauna suitable for up to 8 people and a Jacuzzi, by prior arrangement with the hosts.Extra adult supplement - 600 NISExtra for a child - 300 NIS
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Private pool
Hot Private Pool
Heated and covered
Jacuzzi spa
Wet Sauna compound
Panoramic view
Children's play facilities
Room Dining compound
Outdoor kitchen
A separate children's room
equipped kitchen
Air conditioning
Wood fireplace
HOT channels
wireless Internet
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