zimers in the coastal plain and the lowlands

צימרים במישור החוף והשפלה - JAN EDEN-couples only
6 Cabins ו- the suite on Ofer Coastal plane and plane
A dream vacation in front of the Carmel scenery! High-level double country cottages with Olympic pool, exclusive spa area for couples and mesmerizing outdoor garden
Starting at ₪850
Additional B & Bs within a distance of up to 20 km ממישור החוף והשפלה
5 Suites on kerem maharal Haifa and Karmelim
מתחם ובו 5 סוויטות מפנקות ומרהיבות באזור הכרמל הקסום עם בריכה פרטית בכל אחת ומתחם לזוגות בלבד באווירה רומנטית ומפוארת חופשה חלומית

Dreaming of a large balcony overlooking the sea? Maybe a field or a special plantation avenue? You've just reached the right page. Accommodation in the coastal plain and the lowlands will give you a spectacular and picturesque vacation experience at a very small distance from home! You do not have to go far to enjoy everything that the Zimmer has to offer, and you can also find here a solid atmosphere, quality hospitality and pampering, swimming pool, breakfast and more.

B & B vacation rentals in the coastal plain and the lowlands - who is it suitable for?

The resort complexes in the coastal and lowland plain are suitable for anyone looking for a vacation in the center within a short drive from home. Here you can celebrate a variety of personal and surprising events such as: marriage proposals, birthdays, bachelorette parties, promotion at work and any other reason that comes to mind - Be sure that the beach and lowland vacation rentals have their own wonderful ways to make you happy at any time and for any purpose.

If you are looking for B & B vacation rentals with a view, some of the places invite you to a spectacular view of the Mediterranean Sea, but most of them will offer a more smooth and green landscape, which includes a meeting of the guests with a fascinating area. In every B & B you will find what you want very easily: good service, special amenities such as fruits and wines, a swimming pool and possibly a spa Jacuzzi facility and streams for the most perfect pampering! The hosts offer a couples' vacation experience that includes decorations for special days and celebrations, as well as combining spa packages or good restaurants in the immediate vicinity.

Suitable for guests from the north, from the south, but also to residents from the center who do not like to stay away

B & B vacation rentals on the coastal plain and the lowlands where they are - planar. So you will not have to climb up with the car for a long time and all the resort complexes are within easy reach of you, without having to strain. The real beauty of the experience is the detachment from the environment in terms of changing your location, but not in terms of lifestyle, hobbies and entertainment options. To the south or to the north is an entertainment that is a perfect exit from the routine, taking you to the atmosphere of the desirable and vibrant center where you can enjoy unlimited. The center's staff is a quality solution that does not require long trips from the area. All the people from different parts of the country will enjoy countless attractions of their choice, luxurious shopping complexes, movie complexes, shopping and of course - excellent restaurants that will enhance your culinary experience.

Need two or three days of unlimited freedom of pleasure? Accommodation in the coastal plain and the lowlands will provide you with the perfect experience immediately and in the best and most luxurious way.