Romantic zimers in the center

צימרים רומנטיים במרכז - JAN EDEN-couples only
6 Cabins ו- the suite on Ofer Coastal plane and plane
A dream vacation in front of the Carmel scenery! High-level double country cottages with Olympic pool, exclusive spa area for couples and mesmerizing outdoor garden
Starting at ₪850

zimers vacation rentals have long since emerged from the borders of the Green North, romantic zimers in the center of the country, new, high quality and prestigious are waiting only for you!

There are quite a few advantages in the center of the country, proximity to tourist spots, endless nightlife and unique vacation spots off the beautiful beaches.

If you want to search for places of entertainment in the wee hours of the night you will find a wide selection of cool pubs and different places to go out, perhaps you fancy a spoiled breakfast, believe us that the best restaurants in the area will not disappoint you ... If you want to vacation instead of luxury, You will find a selection of romantic zimers in the center that will give you a sense of overseas in the heart of the country!

Why not a hotel?

The traditional question, you say to yourself, is that there are quite a number of quality hotels in all the cities of the center, famous hotel chains or unique boutique hotels, sometimes even at a cheaper price than a luxury ... Those who ask this question probably do not know the quality of vacation and magic on vacation Zimmer in general and especially when it comes to Zimmer in the center of the country.

Romantic zimers in the center, and in general give you a real vacation experience, just as your freedom should look! A variety of zimers in different designs according to your preferences and of course your connection, home decor, warm design, wooden hut, stone structure, modern design, royal design and many more special designs. In some of the guest rooms you will also enjoy a luxurious private swimming pool, spa Jacuzzi or a pampering double Jacuzzi in the room ... These are things you can dream about in hotels or pay double the price of a bungalow for them yet, it will not be private and warm like a zimers.

Romantic zimers in central Israel - the best value for money!

On certain dates you can find good deals for hotels in the heart of the country, but will you get the same consideration? Romantic zimers in the center of the country offer you a different, more exclusive vacation experience than anything you have ever known at affordable prices. Pamper yourself in a luxurious suite with a large indoor Jacuzzi, a luxurious private pool, rich design and generous hospitality, uncompromising!

So we still have to explain the difference between a hotel and a guest house in the center of the country? Less talk - more actions. Start looking for your next vacation in romantic bed and breakfasts in the center of the country and do not regret it!