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Zimmers for vagan is not a dirty word - the vegan revolution

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vegan zimmers - Amirim Resort
Amirim Resort
zimmers Upper Galilee
4 unique and luxurious accommodation units, with a magnificent panoramic view, pleasant sitting balconies, a round Jacuzzi in each unit and private pools.
052-9788340 Limor
vegan zimmers - Levin Nof Marhiv
Levin Nof Marhiv
zimmers Upper Galilee
The most impressive view facing north! Spectacular holiday complex for couples and families with swimming pool and 360-degree panoramic view.
052-9097887 Dror
בחודשי החגים המתחם נמכר באופן מלא בלבד!!
vegan zimmers - Neimat Hahalil
Neimat Hahalil
zimmers Upper Galilee
Four private suites, well designed and well equipped, with a private and intimate private area with a romantic Jacuzzi and a panoramic view.
052-9122435 Yariv
vegan zimmers - Zimmers BaYa'ar
Zimmers BaYa'ar
zimmers Upper Galilee
Suites in the woods, rustic atmosphere in luxurious and stunning views. With a huge spa complex, luxurious and warm.
052-9097768 Itamar
vegan zimmers - Adom Lavan
Adom Lavan
zimmers Upper Galilee
3 luxurious and well maintained suites, situated on the edge of a mountain overlooking a perfect panoramic view. Rn a pampering Jacuzzi in each, a fireplace and a balcony with a magnificent view.
052-9098184 Ofer
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הזינו את הפרטים, הבקשה תישלח רק למתחמים המתאימים במהרה ישלחו אליך הצעות אטרקטיביות לרכישה.

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If you read this you are likely to be vegan or at least vegetarian. We in Zimartop are aware of your feelings and understand your need that is absolutely basic to both live and vacation in the way you live. Therefore, we recruited the best bed and breakfasts vegan that we found and concentrated them in one way that will help you to vacation in the vegan nature compounds and not feel "special" or "separated" because you live vegan lifestyle.

The owners of bed and breakfasts already know and know the needs of vegans and vegetarians

The owners of the Zimmers, as well as standards that are no less good, have found it necessary to offer vegan or vegetarian hospitality that takes into account the needs of the client who resides in the compound and gives him the most convenient vacation suited to him and his ideological needs. This is undoubtedly a step up in the level of service and caring from the client who is important to him to stay in a vacation complex or Zimmer for vegans.

There are owners of zoning sites that raised the level of caring and consideration one more step up, and hosting a holiday complex that is entirely based on the principles of veganism and prohibits the introduction of products from life such as meat / fish / eggs and even leather products. Everything is vegan from the meal to the couch on which you are sitting or the pillow on which you put your head on vacation so you waited for them to heal.

Restaurants, and attractions that are adapted to vegan

Entire settlements have turned objects into settlements that only embrace people who maintain a vegan lifestyle and are trained in naturalistic ideology. And if there are compounds for vegans where they do not allow to "on fire" and not to put meat / fish or products from life in general. An example of this is the settlement of Amirim overlooking the Sea of ​​Galilee, which provides a completely vegan hospitality experience and does not allow the preparation of products from life to the community.

The leisure and recreation industry in Israel has changed its character and also offers unique vacation experiences for vegan women who will respect their way of life and allow them to submit that they receive fair compensation in exchange for their money for their vacation and recreation. In addition to the vegan nature reserve, there are also excellent and tastefully prepared restaurants that offer great vegan dishes and serve the vegan guests with great love. In addition to the restaurant industry, there are also many attractions that serve the guests of the compounds that are hosted in vegan guesthouses for both families and couples! highly recommend.

Our advice? Go out to one of the vegan zimmers. And will be exposed to a whole new world of unique veganism.

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