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Nof 10 - The place where the green and the blue meet

Eran and Gitit Zarchi, retired educators, tried to bring with them their love for people and did so in various ways, such as placing the windows and balconies according to the open view, the highest level of equipment and thinking about all the small details.Instead you will enjoy romantic wooden cabanas and pampering suites which are located on the first line facing panoramic panoramic views, each in its privacy and uniqueness along with various treats that will be waiting for you alone with great love from the owners.

Interior view

In each unit you will enjoy a different furniture, special equipment, a refreshing design and a completely different atmosphere.There are 2 stone suites, 2 rustic wooden cabins, a spa view suite and a penthouse suite. All units (apart from a spa view suite) will enjoy a spacious Jacuzzi overlooking the Galilean landscape, in the spa view suite. Enjoy a large and professional spa spa facing the beautiful view.In the interior you will find a variety of luxuries in different designs, a comfortable double bed, an LCD screen with home cinema system, satellite and DVD connection, designed seating areas, large windows for viewing the Galilean landscape, a fully equipped kitchenette including an espresso machine, Per unit.

Include hosting

A bottle of fine wine, milk, yogurt, capsules for the coffee machine, crispy cookies, chocolates, dried fruits, granola and homemade jam, salty crackers, popcorn, spa shoes and fragrant bath soap.Additional chargeTo complete the resort you can order a spa experience that includes: massages in a variety of styles; Swedish, deep tissue, integrated and more ..


Amirim is a unique moshav, the moshav advocates vegetarianism and vegetarianism and gives guests a different vacation experience than you have ever known. You can connect to nature, empower the green that is revealed to your eyes, participate in various and fascinating workshops and be filled with peace and endless tranquility.Amirim is located in the heart of the Galilee, surrounded by varied attractions such as bicycle trips, jeeps, ATVs, hiking trails, streams, observation and more.

חשוב לדעת

**אישור ההזמנה הסופי הינו בכפוף לאישור המארח- לאחר יצירת קשר טלפונית**
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Pool in Moshav
Pool Streams
Private Spa
Panoramic view
A separate children's room
Air conditioning
Huge Jacuzzi
YES channels
Cinema System
wireless Internet
Coffee and tea
Breakfast available
Chef Meals
Toiletry products
vegan zimmers

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