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Displays available rooms and rates
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Wooden chalets with stone combination, 50 m² in size, with a spacious Jacuzzi overlooking the Galilean landscape. The intimate cabins are filled with a pastoral and warm atmosphere, which is mainly influenced by the design of the wood, which is integrated with walls made of natural stone. In the huts you will enjoy a stone-covered Jacuzzi that allows you to view the landscape through a huge window, next to it there is a sliding door that is located beyond the private landscape terrace where you can enjoy a pleasant stay and a continuous view of the magical landscape. A bright corner of the living room, a LCD screen with satellite channels, a designer bed with 2 romantic night lamps, a fully equipped kitchenette with microwave, refrigerator, professional espresso machine and electric kettle and bathroom.

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Spacious open-plan suites, 60 m² in size, with a spacious circular Jacuzzi overlooking the Galilean landscape and a private romantic terrace. The suites enjoy a classic and extremely warm design, with cream-and-burgundy furnishings. A romantic double bed in the corner of the suite, a luxurious circular Jacuzzi surrounded by stones, and a huge window that "inserts" the view. The beautiful one goes straight to the Jacuzzi. In addition you will enjoy a fully equipped kitchenette including an intimate dining area, a professional espresso machine, refrigerator, microwave, electric kettle and more. The balcony is an intimate and simple view hidden behind a large glass door, where you can sit comfortably and watch the magnificent Galilean landscape spread out in front of you.

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Luxurious suite with a large professional spa Jacuzzi overlooking the Galilean view, 38 m², corner living room and double bedroom. In the suite you will enjoy first of all a personalized gated balcony where you can enjoy the magnificent view of the Upper Galilee with a warm and bubbling wading in the Jacuzzi. A huge hydro-therapeutic spa of 2.30X2.30 located in the private outdoor area. Inside the suite you will enjoy a double bed, romantic night lamps, a satellite LCD screen, a spacious corner of the room, an elegant bathroom, a well-equipped kitchenette with a dining area nearby, refrigerator, microwave, espresso machine and electric kettle.

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An extra spacious suite, 97 m² in size, is on the top floor and offers spectacular views. In the Panorama Suite you will enjoy a spacious Jacuzzi overlooking the Galilean landscape, a large living room with a dining area, a fully equipped kitchen, and two intimate bedrooms. In the bedroom you will enjoy a comfortable and comfortable double bed, matching wooden chests and designer lamps. In the separate children's room you will enjoy a double sofa bed and a sofa bed for a single bed. You will also enjoy a double bathroom with 2 washbasins, double rainheads in a shower stall and ceramics in a beautiful vintage design. The stylish living room looks out over the windows, where you will also find a pampering rectangular Jacuzzi overlooking the Galilean landscape, a fully equipped kitchenette including a refrigerator, toaster oven, microwave, espresso machine, intimate dining room and LCD screen with satellite channels.

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Entry and exit times Sunday to Friday

Entrance from 14:00 - Departure until 11:00 on Saturdays Departure until 14:00

On weekends there is a minimum of 2 nights but at the 90 minute you can order 1 night on weekends.

Children and adults

A child under the age of 12 will be charged NIS  90 per night.

An older child or adult is charged an additional fee of NIS 100 per night.

For children up to 2 years old, there is no additional charge.

It is not possible to invite guests to a guest house without a permit.

Cancellation Terms Cancellation Free

Cancellation of an order will be made subject to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, 1981 (hereinafter: "the Consumer Protection Law"),

And the regulations made thereunder, after the customer made an order through the site's reservation system.

A free cancellation of this order will be in accordance with the conditions presented in the final order form

Up to 14 days before date of arrival we do not charge cancellation fees at all. During the 14 days prior to arrival, if there is cancellation, we make an effort to fill the room and try very hard not to charge cancellation fees. If the room is not filled, we charge the customer half the price. From 5 days of arrival, a full amount is required. Cancellation of an order with a down payment: In the case of cancellation of an order more than 14 days before the date of arrival the advance will be reserved for another date, in the event of cancellation of the reservation within 14 days prior to arrival, the advance will not be refunded unless the room is filled and then the advance will be saved to another date.

** The final order confirmation is subject to the host's approval and receipt of a credit card for security.

Payment Methods

You can pay in cash / credit card (Visa, Isracard)

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Nof 10 - The place where the green and the blue meet

Eran and Gitit Zarchi, retired educators, tried to bring with them their love for people and did so in various ways, such as placing the windows and balconies according to the open view, the highest level of equipment and thinking about all the small details.

Instead you will enjoy romantic wooden cabanas and pampering suites which are located on the first line facing panoramic panoramic views, each in its privacy and uniqueness along with various treats that will be waiting for you alone with great love from the owners.

Interior view

In each unit you will enjoy a different furniture, special equipment, a refreshing design and a completely different atmosphere.

There are 2 stone suites, 2 rustic wooden cabins, a spa view suite and a penthouse suite. All units (apart from a spa view suite) will enjoy a spacious Jacuzzi overlooking the Galilean landscape, in the spa view suite. Enjoy a large and professional spa spa facing the beautiful view.

In the interior you will find a variety of luxuries in different designs, a comfortable double bed, an LCD screen with home cinema system, satellite and DVD connection, designed seating areas, large windows for viewing the Galilean landscape, a fully equipped kitchenette including an espresso machine, Per unit.

Include hosting

A bottle of fine wine, milk, yogurt, capsules for the coffee machine, crispy cookies, chocolates, dried fruits, granola and homemade jam, salty crackers, popcorn, spa shoes and fragrant bath soap.

Additional charge

To complete the resort you can order a spa experience that includes: massages in a variety of styles; Swedish, deep tissue, integrated and more ..


Amirim is a unique moshav, the moshav advocates vegetarianism and vegetarianism and gives guests a different vacation experience than you have ever known. You can connect to nature, empower the green that is revealed to your eyes, participate in various and fascinating workshops and be filled with peace and endless tranquility.

Amirim is located in the heart of the Galilee, surrounded by varied attractions such as bicycle trips, jeeps, ATVs, hiking trails, streams, observation and more.

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Pool in Moshav

Pool Streams


Private Spa

Panoramic view



A separate children's room


Air conditioning

Huge Jacuzzi

YES channels

Cinema System

wireless Internet

Coffee and tea



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אווירה שקטה עם נוף מהמם
שי 05.07.2019

13 Reviews on Nof 10

Reviews were written by visitors who stay us a guest in Nof 10
/ 5
אווירה שקטה עם נוף מהמם
מקום מדהים ושקט עם נוף מטורף!!!!!!!!!!!
התמונות משקפות בדיוק את המתחם
/ 5
שלי פיינשטיין
להרגיש בעננים
התארחנו ביחידת גולן-(בבקתות) איך שנכסנו לחדר נפעמנו מהנוף המרהיב שמוסיף לאווירה הקסומה! השקט, הרוגע והיופי ביחד עם כל הפינוקים שערן גיתית עשו לנו חוייה נעימה כייפית כל בקשה נענתה! הצימר מאווזר בכל טוב- משמפו וסבונים וסלסלה עם כל מה ששכחת בבית עד למקרר עם עוגיות, גרנולה מכונת קפה וכל טוב. תודה על האירוח המושלם, אנחנו נמשיך להמליץ! מחכים לביקור הבאה
המציאות יותר יפה מהתמונות
/ 5
סיזאט שחבראת
גן עדן ישראלי
המיקום של הבקתה מדהים, האווירה משרה שלווה ורוגע, לא להאמין שאנו עדיין במדינת ישראל, ארוחת הבוקר מאוד עשירה והחדר והגאקוזי מעולים
התמונות משקפות בדיוק את המתחם
/ 5
חופשה מושלמת! לא יכולנו לבקש משהו יותר טוב. השקעה לפרטים הקטנים. מאוד מפנק. ארוחת בוקר לחדר היתה טעימה. הצימר לכשעצמו יפהפה והנוף מדהים.
המציאות יותר יפה מהתמונות
/ 5
איוון זרנוב
נופש במקום מדהים!
צימר מושקע מאוד! עם אווירה כפרית ונוף שאין לתאר! מאוד נקי, מלא בהפתעות טעימות במקרר הבקתה
המציאות יותר יפה מהתמונות
/ 5
א ב
נוף 10
מקום מדהים עם נוף מקסים, שירות מעולה, המקום הכי מומלץ לחופשה רומנטית, להתנתק מהכל ולהתמקד ברענון האהבה
/ 5
חוויה שליט
חופשונת בנוף 10.
הנאה צרופה.המיקום מול הנוף , הכלים הנאים,גודל הצימר,הניקיון ומהאווירה.כבר סיפרתי לחבריי והימלצתי בחום.
המציאות יותר יפה מהתמונות
/ 5
שני הירשלר
צימר נהדר! מקום קסום ונפלא
הצימר מוקפד בפרטים הקטנים, נקי ונעים מאוד! מאובזר ומעוצב בצורה גבוהה מאוד. הנוף משגע ומהפנט, נהננו מכל רגע בהחלט ממליצים בחום!
/ 5
שלי ועמוס וולקן
תודה על כיף שלא נגמר…
הנוף באמת עשר! שלושה ימים של שקט עוצמתי ושלווה. פשוט לשבת או לעמוד במרפסת ולהתבשם בנוף כל כך ישראלי. מעבר לכך, בבקתה הכל במקום ולא חסר דבר.
/ 5
אילן ודורית שגיא
תודה על הכל
למשפ' זרחי אכן נוף 10! בקתה – 10! אירוח – 10! פרטיות – 10! וכמובן נוף – 10! קיבלתם מתנה מבורא עולם, ויהי רצון שהרבה אנשים יהנו ממתנה זו. תודה על הכל.
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