Zimmers in Avivim

צימרים באביבים - Avivim La-Ohavim
3 Cabins on Avivim Upper Galilee
A well maintained and romantic holiday complex, with large log cabins for couples and families, with a luxurious pool and a quiet and special rural atmosphere.
Starting at ₪700
צימרים באביבים - Romantica Ba-Galil
3 Suites on Avivim Upper Galilee
Holiday picturesque heart of the Galilee overall quality romantic suite accommodation for couples and families, with a heated pool, spa currents, sauna and more
Starting at ₪800
צימרים באביבים - Yuval Estate
Cabin ו- the suite on Avivim Upper Galilee
Relaxing holiday complex in the Upper Galilee, facing breathtaking pastoral views, heated indoor pool and stream spa will delight you
Starting at ₪750
Additional B & Bs within a distance of up to 10 km מAvivim
Cabin ו-2 Suites on Dalton Upper Galilee
Shaped huts full of beauty, with a swimming pool and a host of prestigious wineries, landscapes and activities nearby.
2 Suites on Safsufa Upper Galilee
Luxurious luxury suites with a swimming pool, spa Jacuzzi, large and well-kept garden with various games. Peak luxury and prestige in one place pampering and invested up to the smallest details.
4 Suites on Safsufa Upper Galilee
Spectacular luxury complex in the heart of the Upper Galilee.  4 royal design suites with heated indoor pool and jacuzzi spa streams in 3 of the suites
2 Cabins on Dalton Upper Galilee
a picturesque and pampering complex in the village of Dalton in the heart of the Upper Galilee, in the compound are two enchanting wooden cabins with a double Jacuzzi and a separate children's room and a heated swimming pool and hot spa Jacuzz
3 Suites on Dalton Upper Galilee
Mitzpe Chen - 3 designed suites with a swimming pool to accommodate couples and families. An experience of peace, quiet and lots of love
Cabin on Dalton Upper Galilee
A unique wooden suite for families and couples in absolute privacy, includes a separate bedroom for the parents, with a romantic Jacuzzi, a children's gallery floor and a courtyard with a private pool (heated in season) and a private outdoor spa jacuzzi.
3 Cabins on Dalton Upper Galilee
3 spacious wooden cabins designed with a children's gallery floor and a private bedroom. A well-kept outdoor area featuring a shared swimming pool, private swimming pool, barbecue area and comfortable seating areas.
4 Cabins on Safsufa Upper Galilee
Holiday complex and beautiful countryside overlooking the North. Cabins are designed for couples and families with a huge pool and Jacuzzi spa currents.

Let's fulfill a once in a lifetime one-touch Mount Hermon, the Golan Heights and nearby streams and rivers. Looking for romance or even a fantastic holiday with the whole family? BB Avivim will give you the answer you spend a holiday routine. summer? winter? Intend to give up the pool? We have news for you, us, you can upgrade holiday come through a B & B with Brich- because how can one without a pool? Let us make you a tour of our site and to help you find a vacation rental in the Upper Galilee will make that maximize the ultimate vacation for you.

What is important to know about the B & B with Pool

When you choose B & B with a pool you upgrade your vacation tens of thousands of times and on the other hand, if you choose, you might would consider the safety. Our website, patients Zimmer Upper Galilee, including BB Avivim carefully and hence, you can remove worry from the heart. Also, the website, you can choose B & B's in the Upper Galilee integrated pool and get exactly what the picture shows. Luxurious cabins, sightseeing and attractions such as kayaking, rafting, horseback riding and that's not all.

Our site can help you pick out exactly according to Zimmer "Midoticm". Round Jacuzzi, a fireplace, a double bed, a seating area and a fully equipped kitchen or even kosher according to their training. Also, a fully equipped bathroom whenever required, an LCD screen for viewing and more luxurious.

Visit our website and allow yourself to choose the best-off Avivim.

האם באביבים יש צימרים עם בריכה מחוממת?

כמובן, הנה כמה אופציות לצימרים עם בריכה מחוממת באביבים: 
רומנטיקה בגליל, אביבים אלוהבים, אחוזת יובל. 

האם ישנם צימרים לזוגות באביבים?

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לחופשה זוגית רומנטית ומפנקת.

האם יש אטרקציות מעניינות באיזור אביבים?

אביבים הינו ישוב בגליל העליון -קרוב לרמת הגולן, החרמון ועוד- מה שאומר שאטרקציות מהנות ומפנקות לא חסרות. 

בכל עמוד מתחם תמצאו קטגוריית אטרקציות מומלצות, ובנוסף- תוכלו תמיד לשאול את בעל המתחם על פעילויות מהנות לזוגות/ לכל המשפחה. 

האם יש צימרים יוקרתיים באביבים?

כמובן, באתר צימרטופ תמצאו מגוון צימרים יוקרתיים, לחופשה מפנקת אקסקלוסיבית.