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Availeble for this weekend

Updates from the last hour View all Zimmers that Availeble This weekend
Availeble for this weekend
Updates from the last hour
Av. This weekend
north - Bertmns>
Bertmns|Had Nes
2 boutique suites with spectacular indoor heated pool and whirlpool spa or private each suite.
Per night
212 Reviews
second night
north - Ahava ba'nof>
Ahava ba'nof|Ein Yaacov
A private and romantic suite with a pampering and intimate garden complex with an indoor swimming pool, hot spa Jacuzzi, seating areas, barbecue and rich greenery overlooking the Galilee landscape.
Per night
28 Reviews
Av. This weekend
north - Lehitahav Ba-Nof>
Lehitahav Ba-Nof|Pekeein Hadasha
Spectacular suites, "the mark" with a view panoramic cylindrical and mesmerizing. Relaxing with a swimming pool, Jacuzzi spa quality, romantic atmosphere and generous hospitality all good.
Per night
19 Reviews
second night
Av. This weekend
north - Avivim La-Ohavim>
A well maintained and romantic holiday complex, with large log cabins for couples and families, with a luxurious pool and a quiet and special rural atmosphere.
Per night
107 Reviews
Av. This weekend
north - Klil Ha'nof>
Two uniquely designed guest rooms with breathtaking panoramic views, private natural stone pools and a pampering spa jacuzzi.
Per night
29 Reviews
second night
Av. This weekend
north - Cabins HaLotem>
Cabins HaLotem|Shomera
Holiday magnificent heart of the forest of the Galilee, including decorated cabins with private Jacuzzi spa per Cabin and a luxurious swimming pool with views.
Per night
13 Reviews
second night
north - Guest rooms in Rosh Pina>
4 יחידות אירוח על הר בראש פינה איזור פסטורלי שקט ומבודד. כל יחידת אירוח עם מיטה זוגית גדולה ומפנקת ומתאימה למס' שונה של אורחים
Per night
4 Reviews
second night
north - Urban>
Urban|Kfar Vradim
Luxury Suite qualitatively unique design, with a heated swimming pool and Jacuzzi spa pampering in front of the Galilean landscape.
Per night
69 Reviews
north - Ahuzat Lev Ha-Horesh>
Mansion spectacular resort for couples and families hidden in green groves overlooking the Galilee. With pool, whirlpool spa, sauna and more.
Per night
5 Reviews
Av. This weekend
north -  Mezpe Ha-agam suites>
Mezpe Ha-agam suites|Kineret - moshava
Private vacation like no other. Original design luxury suites for couples only and surprisingly, the most impressive scenery in front of the Sea of Galilee.
Per night
42 Reviews
Av. This weekend
north -  Spa al Anahal>
Luxurious private suite on the banks of the river separated overlooking a dream. With pool, whirlpool spa and a variety of massages to choose from.
Per night
8 Reviews
second night
Av. This weekend
north - Mull HaYam>
Mull HaYam|Manot
Romantic suites clean design elegant couples and families. With a swimming pool and complete privacy for each suite.
Per night
24 Reviews

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summer in Zimertop

Zimmers in north - סוויטת מודרנו
Moderno Suite|Even Menahem
Perfect luxury suite with a view! Private couple or family and offers a huge heated pool, whirlpool spa and streams 5-star accommodation.
45 Reviews
Zimmers in north - נופי גמלא
Nofay Gamla|Maale Gamla
Two spacious and luxurious wooden cabins with a Jacuzzi facing the view. Exterior area directly overlooking the panoramic view of the Sea of Galilee and the Golan.
7 Reviews
Zimmers in north - בקתות גן עדן
Biktot Gan Eden|Calanit
A colorful and vibrant holiday near the Sea of Galilee! A spectacular resort Compound that includes cabins for couples and families, with a huge pool, whirlpool spa and more.
8 Reviews
Zimmers in north - אביבים לאוהבים
A well maintained and romantic holiday complex, with large log cabins for couples and families, with a luxurious pool and a quiet and special rural atmosphere.
107 Reviews
Zimmers in north - אחוזה מעבר לאופק
Shaped huts full of beauty, with a swimming pool and a host of prestigious wineries, landscapes and activities nearby.
7 Reviews
Zimmers in north - הבית במצפה
4 luxurious and designed guest rooms in Moshav Biria, surrounded by attractions and activities. A large luxurious Jacuzzi in each unit and an exquisitely well maintained and upgraded area with an indoor swimming pool.
1 Reviews
Zimmers in north - אחוזת לאטה
Ahuzat Latta|Goren
A large and gorgeous mansion that includes 3 luxurious suites with luxurious and rich spa complexes filled with all the best! Heated swimming pools, a hot spa Jacuzzi and more
43 Reviews
Zimmers in north - בקתות משי
Cabins Meshi|Meona
Rustic wood cabins in the heart of the Western Galilee with a swimming pool and spa area and a sauna. Great vacation for families and couples.
27 Reviews
Zimmers in north - ארבע עונות בגליל
Four beautiful chalets with views, private spa with hot tub, outdoor spa hot tub and pool more luxurious.
66 Reviews
Zimmers in north - ראש פינת נוי
Rosh Pinat Noy|Rosh Pina
The picturesque resort spectacular colony of Rosh Pina. Suites of unique design with complex and impressive private garden and an indoor heated pool and each suite.
30 Reviews
Ordering 2 nights and get double massage gift or two breakfasts
Zimmers in north - פינה בלב
Pina Balev|Rosh Pina
5 luxurious suites in Rosh Pina, with unique natural stone pool, whirlpool spa, sauna and fitness professional treatments and pampering.
90 Reviews
Zimmers in north - קפלנד
Boutique holiday spectacular and extraordinary in nature, with heated swimming currents, saunas and uncompromising design
49 Reviews
There is a sukkah here!
Zimmers in north - אחוזת ראול בטבע
Spectacular holiday complex just 10 minutes from Lake Tiberias and Rosh Pina! With a heated swimming pool, BBQ meals and a variety of treats.
72 Reviews
Zimmers in north - אחוזת כתמר יפרח
Luxury boutique suites mesmerizing design, with a private garden with views each suite includes a pool, sauna and Jacuzzi spa pampering.
15 Reviews
Zimmers in north - הדבר האמיתי
Hadavar Ha'amiti|Ein Yaacov
Romantic wooden suite, with a sleek design, a heated swimming pool and indoor spa and large currents very professional.
12 Reviews
באוגוסט הבריכה משותפת ל-2 הסוויטות.
Zimmers in north - אוסנתה
Osnata|Kfar Vradim
Luxurious and luxuriously designed suites, a huge pool of streams, a pampering spa Jacuzzi and a gorgeous design. Luxury vacation in the Western Galilee.
31 Reviews
Zimmers in north - טרה רוגע
Terra Roga|Shaal
Only couples luxury suites, which include hosting kings and private pool or Jacuzzi all private spa suite, close to Mount Hermon.
89 Reviews
בהזמנת 2 לילות בסופ"ש טיול גיפים לשעה ב- 200 ש"ח
Zimmers in north - גמליורט
Gamlayort|Maale Gamla
Mongolian romantic suite design unique and spectacular, with private garden each suite includes a huge swimming pool, pampering tab Hut and excellent personal hospitality.
73 Reviews
Zimmers in north - אפיריון
Romantic luxury suites and parties "on view" couples only, private spa with Jacuzzi each suite, heated pool and indoor streams and upgraded luxury accommodation and fine.
42 Reviews
Zimmers in north - אצולת הכנרת
Closest to the Sea of Galilee! Beautiful picturesque Compound with a large Jacuzzi spa, huge heated pool, Compound and other special meals.
30 Reviews
Zimmers in north - אופוריה
Euphoria|Had Nes
Spacious suites designed in Had Nes, near the Sea of Galilee, with a light and free atmosphere, equal and romantic treats at its peak. A private courtyard, a luxurious pool and lush greenery.
24 Reviews
Zimmers in north - הסוד לאהבה
Holiday picturesque and romantic, which includes cabins decorated, upscale pool and whirlpool spa pampering.
29 Reviews
Zimmers in north - פנינה בהרים
In front of a beautiful pastoral view are 4 luxurious wooden cabins with a well maintained outdoor area, including a luxurious swimming pool, a professional spa Jacuzzi, barbecue corner, swings, hammocks and other treats.
6 Reviews
מתאים עד 9 נפשות בתוספת תשלום
Zimmers in north - אמור
A specially designed and luxurious suite with 2 bedrooms, a well designed and well-designed living room area and a very well maintained and well maintained outdoor area, where you will find a private spa Jacuzzi and a private swimming pool.
1 Reviews
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Zimmers for couples
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צוות צימרטופ טורח ועומל מדי יום על מנת להביא עבורכם את התמורה הטובה ביותר עבור הכסף שלכם. אצלנו תיהנו ממערכות מתקדמות המותאמות בדיוק לצרכיי בעלי הצימרים, מערכת הקפצות ויומן תפוסה אישי ומעודכן, הזמנות און ליין, קידום בגוגל וברשתות חברתיות ועוד. פרסום בצימרטופ יביא לצימר שלכם שיחות ממוקדות ואיכותיות יותר מכל אתר אחר. צרו קשר- 04-9825135
5 סיבות טובות להזמין צימר אונליין
הישראלים גילו בשנים האחרונות את ענף האירוח הכפרי ומזמינים יותר ויותר חופשות בצימרים. עד לאחרונה אופציית הזמנת צימר באונליין כמעט ולא הייתה קיימת, צימרטופ פותח בפניכם עולם חדש של אפשרויות במסגרתו תתפלאו לגלות לא מעט יתרונות משמעותיים בהזמנת צימר אונליין, ריכזנו עבורכם את החמישה הבולטים מתוכם:
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Recently joined complexes
פנינת המעיינות
A luxurious complex with 3 beautiful and well equipped suites, each suite has a romantic double Jacuzzi and an adjacent children's room, and in the garden compound is a cool and pleasant swimming pool.
אל גיא אוני
A romantic and elegant accommodation complex in the enchanting Rosh Pina, with a pampering spa Jacuzzi and a shared garden overlooking a breathtaking Galilean landscape.
נופש חלומי במנות
An especially special vacation complex that overlooks a dreamy and spectacular view from every area of the complex. The complex has 3 well designed and tasteful units, including a pampering double Jacuzzi, a comfortable double bed and a sun terrace overlo
סוויטת המלכות
Come and stay in the Malhot Suite and feel like kings !! A luxurious suite designed to accommodate couples and families, offers a well-kept yard with a swimming pool and a spa Jacuzzi.
סוויטת לשם
A private and pampering suite for couples only with Double and romantic Jacuzzi, in the garden courtyard and a private pool, comfortable seating areas and a barbecue area.
וילות לב החורש
In the heart of Horesh, there are 3 luxurious guest villas with a large and luxurious lobby, equipped with high quality furniture, and in a modern design, each villa has a huge swimming pool, seating areas and quality sunbeds.
Beautiful and well designed suite. The suite is particularly luxurious and has a bedroom, a double bed with an orthopedic mattress, a well designed and well-equipped living room area. In addition, the area is very well maintained and has a private spa Jac
סולם יעקב
Two luxurious suites with private indoor heated pool. A dream vacation in Moshav "Ma'ale Gamla" wrapped peace and romance.
נגילה בכנרת
A luxurious and pampering resort complex in the picturesque village, includes 2 villas with 6 bedrooms, each with a prestigious garden that includes a swimming pool facing a breathtaking view of the Sea of Galilee and the Golan Heights.
אחוזת האושר
A pampering hospitality complex with a picturesque and spectacular view, including a luxurious suite with a private bedroom and a spacious gallery floor, and in the courtyard is a luxurious private swimming pool.
הבית במצפה
In Moshav Biriya in the Upper Galilee, there are 4 very luxurious accommodation units! Each unit has a large romantic Jacuzzi and an exquisitely designed and well maintained outdoor area with an indoor swimming pool and other treats
אחוזת טגנגה
Luxury, indulgence and privacy! The magical Teganga estate offers you 4 luxurious suites with a private spa bath for each and a pool of luxurious streams. A common area with a huge pool, table games and plenty of treats.
שלווה עילאית
Two beautiful boutique suites with a private spa area each with a spa Jacuzzi and a heated indoor swimming pool! Designed and luxurious suites in the Upper Galilee
ונילה סקיי
2 prestigious wooden cabins in the Upper Galilee. A unique holiday complex with a swimming pool and a big Jacuzzi spa . Separate children's room in each suite. A luxurious holiday experience in the north.
הסוד לאהבה
4 wooden cabins in a romantic and luxurious design Each suite has a large double Jacuzzi and all have a common garden area with a huge and luxurious pool, cool in summer and heated in the winter. A quality and quiet holiday in a picturesque and green comm
Two pampering Yurt suites with a round Jacuzzi on a sun terrace with a mesmerizing view. Enjoy spectacular sunsets over the enchanting Sea of Galilee.
בקתות אגם
8 charming, beautifully designed and tastefully decorated accommodation in a modern design that will make you want to stay forever. Each guest unit has a pampering double Jacuzzi. The common outdoor area of the suites is also well designed and well-equipp
מרומי חזון
A beautiful wooden cabin that includes 3 bedrooms with a wooden balcony facing a breathtaking view and a heated indoor swimming pool. The cabin is suitable for a couple, two couples or friends. Romantic and pampering hospitality.
אדל סוויטת יוקרה
A dream suite in the picturesque settlement of Shefer, a luxurious experience in a private and romantic suite with a spa Jacuzzi and a personal pool in a well-kept garden area.
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