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Ahuzat Shilat

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Ahuzat Shilat
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Displays available rooms and rates
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A pastoral area facing green views of the vineyards and fields of the Galilee mountains

The intimate suite is built by the open space method, divided in the right way with a comfortable double bed, a sofa bed and a fully equipped kitchenette. The guest room is suitable for couples, open open space, a comfortable double bed covered with pleasant white bedding, a sofa bed suitable for up to 2 children, opposite the sofa and opposite the bed a large LCD television with HOT connection, Fully equipped with: refrigerator, coffee / tea maker, microwave, electric kettle and electric hob. You will find towels, soaps and shampoos in the spacious bathroom.

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+Children room
Hosen suite
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Enjoy a pampering suite and dip in a private, hot and romantic spa spa

The spacious suite is suitable for families, with a master bedroom and a children's room for the redeemed, on the terrace a Jacuzzi and an indoor spa. Beautifully designed suite, clean and pleasant design. The suite has a comfortable seating area with a cable LCD screen, a fully equipped kitchenette including: refrigerator, coffee / tea corner, electric kettle, microwave oven, electric hob and food corner. A separate bedroom for parents with a beautiful orthopedic bed wrapped in soft white bedding. The room is air conditioned and pleasant. The children's bedroom has 3 single beds. The unit has a spacious bathroom including towels and soaps.

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+Children room
Bereshit suite
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To fill up with new energies on a pampering vacation in picturesque Dalton

A luxurious 2-bedroom family suite, in the parents' room, a romantic double corner corner and a large sitting area. Beautifully designed suite, the suite has a very comfortable seating area with cable LCD screen, a spacious dining area and a fully equipped kitchenette including: refrigerator, coffee / tea corner, electric kettle, microwave oven, electric hob and dining area. A separate bedroom for parents with a wooden bed next to it are two matching tables and a beautiful wardrobe, the room and suite are air conditioned and pleasant. The suite has an extra bedroom for the children and a spacious bathroom with towels and soaps.

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+Children room
Noam ve'shira suites
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In the green and pastoral Upper Galilee is the pampering and special compound Shilat Estate Come enjoy the magic

Spacious and designed suite with a large comfortable double bed, next to a romantic rectangular Jacuzzi and a huge and fun children's gallery floor with comfortable beds. The suites are large and identical in modern and contemporary design. The large central suite of the suite has a large, comfortable double bed, wrapped in soft white bedding with cozy blankets and comfortable pillows for sleeping and pampering, alongside the bed is a large rectangular romantic Jacuzzi, an intimate corner that allows privacy from the children's floor, Microwave, coffee / tea maker, electric kettle and electric hob, dining area and spacious bathroom with soaps and towels. The space is air-conditioned and has Wi-Fi connection. The children's gallery floor is large and spacious with comfortable beds.

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Entry and exit times Sunday and Friday

Entrance from 15:00 - Departure until 11:00 on Saturdays Departure until 15:00

Children and adults

A child under the age of 12 will be charged USD 120 per night.

An older child or adult is charged an additional EUR 160 per night.

For children up to 2 years old, there is no additional charge.

It is not possible to invite guests to a guest house without a permit.

Cancellation Terms Cancellation Free

Cancellation of an order will be made subject to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981 (hereinafter: "the Consumer Protection Law"),

And the regulations made thereunder, after the customer made an order through the site's reservation system.

A free cancellation option will be given in accordance with the terms shown on the final order form to be received upon booking.

Cancellation of reservation 14-7 days prior to the booking date 50% of the total booking will be charged.

Cancellation of booking 1-7 days prior to the booking date 100% of the total booking will be charged.

** The final order confirmation is subject to the host's approval and receipt of a credit card for security.

Payment Methods

You can pay in cash

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Ahuzat Shilat - Un espace de détente face à des paysages verdoyants de champs et de vignes

Located in the Upper Galilee, in the picturesque and magical settlement of Dalton, facing the green landscape of Sadot and Keremim, is the luxurious resort complex, the Shilat Estate, suitable for any type of holiday you choose, a romantic couple, a family vacation or a group of friends. Full of peace and quiet in the complex offering a variety of treats and facilities.

The complex offers 5 spacious guest rooms in various sizes and designs, and a garden area with a swimming pool (heated and covered in winter), illuminated by a magical night lighting, and a wet and dry sauna (not operated on Shabbat).

Designed and pampering suites

There are 5 guest suites in the Galilean and pampering complex, two of which are identical and the rest are different.

All suites enjoy a comfortable double queen bed, cable LCD screen, dining area and comfortable seating area, fully equipped kitchenette including: microwave, electric kettle, coffee / tea corner, refrigerator, electric hob and Shabbat platter. The air-conditioned suites have Wi-Fi access and all have a spacious bathroom.

All suites have a private balcony with a seating area.

* In the Noam suite and old singing, there is a pleasant gallery floor for the children, and this suite has a rectangular Jacuzzi next to the parents' bed.

* The Hosen Suite offers 2 bedrooms for children and parents and an indoor spa jacuzzi on the terrace.

* The Genesis suite is a 2-bedroom suite with a corner jacuzzi in the parents' room.

* The stone slate is built as a large open space.

The common area of the suites

Dans la zone extérieure luxueuse, vous trouverez une piscine (chauffée et couverte en hiver) avec vue sur les champs verdoyants, autour de la piscine et des chaises longues. En plus, vous pourrez profiter d’une gâterie hivernale complète: deux saunas secs et humides et un jardin avec pelouses vertes et mobilier de jardin de qualité comprenant des balançoires, Toiture à côté du coin barbecue, tout cela dans une végétation luxuriante. La piscine et l'ensemble du complexe sont illuminés par des veilleuses romantiques et magiques.

Include on vacation

Enjoy a tea / coffee maker, milk, water, fragrant soaps and soft towels.

extra charge:

Enjoy a range of pampering massages in advance.

For a complete pampering at the resort, we recommend ordering a rich Israeli breakfast served directly to the suite.

Attractions nearby

The Ahuzat Shilat hospitality complex is located in the picturesque settlement of Dalton and is a perfect landmark for excursions and many attractions in the Upper Galilee, from horseback riding trips to horseback riding trips to jeeps and extreme jeeps, water lovers can enjoy a challenging rafting in the Jordan River and the Roses. rich.

For interesting offers and routes, you can contact the hosts.

Important Information

* It is not possible to light a fire on Shabbat.

* The saunas do not operate on Shabbat.

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Pool area

Private pool

Hot Private Pool

Heated and covered



Wet Sauna compound


Children's play facilities

tanning beds


A separate children's room


Air conditioning

Jacuzzi inside

HOT channels

wireless Internet

Coffee and tea


Family Reunion


Breakfast available

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צימר שילת
טלאור וקנין 22.02.2019

11 Reviews on Ahuzat Shilat

Reviews were written by visitors who stay us a guest in Ahuzat Shilat
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טלאור וקנין
צימר שילת
אירוח מדהיםםם יחס מעולה משביע רצון ואף מעבר... מקום קסום יפה ושקטט ממליצים בחום
Ahuzat Shilat הגיבו לחוות דעת זאת

תודה טלאור

/ 5
חופשה רומנטית
מקום יפה קיבלנו מעל המצופה מוטי דאג לנו ממליצים לכולם מוטי עוד נפגש
Ahuzat Shilat הגיבו לחוות דעת זאת

מתי שתרצו בכיף סהר נפנק אתכם

/ 5
ניסן אדרי
אחלה שרות נקי מסודר במיוחד למוטי שלא הפסיק לשאול אים אנחנו צריכים עוד משהו ממליץ בחום ובאהבה הילדים מאוד נהנו כל הכבוד
אחלה שרות נקי ומסודר הילדים נהנו ובמיוחד למוטי שלא הפסיק לשאול אם אנחנו צריכים עוד משהו ממליץ בחום ובאהבהכל הכבוד אלופים
התמונות משקפות בדיוק את המתחם
/ 5
יונתן גולסטני
מקום יפה! מוטי ממש נותן הרגשה של בית.
אחלה מוטי נותן אווירה טובה מקום גדול ומרווח בריכה גדולה ממליצים בחום בחום להגיע לשם
Ahuzat Shilat הגיבו לחוות דעת זאת

בכיף יונתן אחלה אתם

/ 5
חופשה בצפון
ממליצים לכולם יחס חם מקום שקט ונקי הילדים נהנו מהבריכה החמה.
Ahuzat Shilat הגיבו לחוות דעת זאת


/ 5
נהנו מאוד מומלץ בחום
/ 5
אבי חיימוב
פינוק מכל הלב
ממליץ בחום מוטי פינק אותנו מכל הלב הילדים לא רצו לחזור הביתה אין הרבה צימרים כאלה
/ 5
חוויה מושלמת
הייתי באירוח באחוזת שילת,והמקום פשוט מושלם! הבעלים מוטי ואורטל עזרו לנו להגשים את כל מה שרצינו שם,והייתה חוויה מושלמת לכל המשפחה...יחס מעבר לכל ציפייה,תענוג!
/ 5
תודה למארחים
רצינו להמליץ ולהודות למוטי על האירוח החם וההשקעה בקישוט בחדר מבטיחים לחזור זאב ודורית סנוף
/ 5
נוף מהמם
מקום מדהים עם נוף מהמםם והכי חשוב שקט ורוגע לנשמה רצינו להמליץ לכל מי שמתלבט אז זהו זה מיותר מוטי ידאג לכם להכל מוטי ואורטל פינקו אותנו בעוגות חמות ובקוסקוס מומלץץץ
/ 5
מחכים לפעם הבאה
היה מדהיםםםם סופ"ש חלומי נהנינו כל המשפחה יחד מהבריכה המחוממת מהיחס של אורטל ומוטי תודה על הקוסקוס היה טעים מחכים כבר לפעם הבאה.
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