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2 Cabins on Dalton Upper Galilee

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Come and enjoy the magic of the Galilee Pampering hospitality in the public area of the bells of the Galilee
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Paamonei Hagalil - A pastoral and pastoral vacation in pampering wooden cabins for couples and families

Somewhere in the beautiful and beautiful northern part of the country is the quiet and picturesque settlement of Dalton, where you will find the beautiful and well-kept bed and breakfasts of the Galilee, next to it and on your way to vineyards and vineyards, and feel the atmosphere of freedom enveloping you here. , Which is full of many attractions and hiking trails, streams, restaurants and wineries The complex is also suitable for couples and romantic vacation and for family vacation you will choose which vacation is right for you and the owners of the complex will provide you with a dream vacation with courteous service and full of treats.The complex includes 2 spacious and spacious wooden suites, fully equipped with a well-maintained outdoor area with a heated swimming pool (active between April and October) and a huge spa Jacuzzi.

The interior of the suites

The Galilee Bells complex has 2 luxurious and romantic wooden suites that are suitable for all types of guests, as well as single and single parties.Each of the beautiful cabins has a double and white wooden bed with a comfortable orthopedic mattress, a luxurious double Jacuzzi with romantic lighting, and a kitchenette equipped with refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, kettle, coffee corner, electric stove, The cabin also has a comfortable dining area and a Smart Tv screen with cable connection. Soft soaps and towels await you in the bathroom. Each cabin has a separate children's room with 3 beds, so you can enjoy intimacy and romance on a couple vacation.Both cabins are air conditioned and have Wi-Fi.

A common external area

The heated and well-kept outdoor swimming pool (from April to October) is surrounded by a heated swimming pool (from April to October), and a heated, indoor spa Jacuzzi is heated all year around the pool. Outside the cabin there is a double table with chairs and a sitting hammock. In addition there is a large, shared wooden terrace with pleasant sitting areas and a large swing in the evening. The complex is illuminated by a romantic and magical night lighting. A barbecue area and private parking are available.

Include on vacation

The hospitality includes fine wine, capsules for coffee, milk, soaps and toiletries.extra charge:In advance you can add to host:* Rich and varied breakfast.* Professional treatments and massages.

Attractions nearby

The Galilee Bells Complex is located in the Dalton settlement in the Upper Galilee. The tour offers hiking trails, ATVs and riders, horseback riding trails, water rafting, river rafting, and wine and cheese tasting. Dalton is a great departure point for trips and routes in the north and in the culinary area enjoy many good restaurants.

Important Information

* The pool is heated and active between April and October.* The site is also suitable for Shabbat and tradition keepers.* Barbecue can not be done on Shabbat.* Entry of animals in advance.
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Pool area
Heated pool
Jacuzzi spa
Children's play facilities
tanning beds
A separate children's room
Esspresso machine
Air conditioning
Jacuzzi inside
smart tv
HOT channels
wireless Internet
Coffee and tea
Breakfast available
Toiletry products
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