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Cabins Atz Oren - Romantic wooden cabins with a luxurious swimming pool in the heart of a well maintained garden!

The pine cabins know exactly how to pamper your vacation: a perfect location in the desirable Ramot Moshav on the Sea of Galilee and a 3-minute drive from it, a nostalgic and embracing country atmosphere and plenty of treats that no other place can compete with.The green and well maintained complex has 8 cabins in a rustic country design, full of interesting decorative items and impressive wood furniture.A separate bedroom for children, a fully equipped kitchenette, a comfortable double bed, an LCD screen with satellite channels and a private balcony for each unit. In addition, you can enjoy a central swimming pool under the highest quality construction, plenty of space and a spectacular dining room for a variety of delicious meals and treats ...


The shores of the Sea of Galilee are just 3 minutes away! In addition to the nearby area, you will find a variety of hiking trails, scenic views, horse tours, jeeps and ATVs that leave the moshav itself, a variety of restaurants, the Tzemach shopping area, children's playgrounds and more.

The common garden area

A large and luxurious swimming pool, sun loungers and sun loungers, sunshades and a privacy guard, a high quality dining room with rustic dining tables, a large serving buffet, a full-screen LCD screen.The garden is surrounded by planted vegetation, decorative sculptures, trees, a special fish pond, hammocks, a barbecue area (not on Shabbat) and colorful garden lighting.

Additional charge

In coordination with the hosts, you can enjoy a pampering breakfast.Enjoy a range of pampering massages of your choice and special decorations in the cabins.

Important Information

Please do not light a barbecue on Saturday*There is no wheelchair access*
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Pool area
Pool in Moshav
Panoramic view
Children's play facilities
Room Dining compound
Outdoor kitchen
tanning beds
Private dry sauna
Air conditioning
Jacuzzi inside
YES channels
wireless Internet
Coffee and tea
Family Reunion
Breakfast available
Toiletry products

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