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location_on הצג צימרים במפה
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צימרים נוספים במרחק של עד 10 קמ מלימן

Zimmers in north - דורנס- Dorness- לזוגות בלבד
Dornes|Ben Ami
A new, luxurious and pampering hospitality complex! 3 romantic suites with a private pool for each! Innovative design, abundant personal hospitality and complete privacy.
4.8 / 5
Zimmers in north - אחוזת תאי - TAI
TAI Estate|Manot
The luxurious TAI Mansion is located in a packet seat in the Western Galilee, with 4 luxurious suites with a private hot tub for each, a large, beautiful pool, quietly set in front of a mountain view.
4.8 / 5
Zimmers in north - בקתות רז
Biktot Raz|Manot
In Moshav Manot in the Western Galilee there are 4 romantic wooden cabins suitable for couples and families. Each cabin has a huge double Jacuzzi, a king size bed and a private balcony. A refreshing swimming pool and a selection of seating areas.
4.9 / 5
Zimmers in north - סוויטת David's
exclusive and luxurious suite for couples only, the suite includes a spa Jacuzzi, private dry sauna, king size bed, fully equipped kitchenette and lots of peace and quiet.
4.8 / 5
Zimmers in north - אכזיבה-דירת נופש יוקרתית
"Achziba" - a new and prestigious holiday and guest apartment located in a new neighborhood near Achziv Beach, in an apartment with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a stunning view balcony.
4.9 / 5
Zimmers in north - מנות 171
manot 171|Manot
Private, quiet and pampering room .. In the port of Moshav in the Western Galilee .. A place full of tranquility and plenty of treats .. Starting with a private spa, and a large private pool
5 / 5
נותרו מקומות אחרונים לראש השנה
Zimmers in north - אחוזת הנוף הצפוני
3 luxurious suites in an upgraded and well equipped complex, for couples and families, 2 of them have a large romantic Jacuzzi and one separate children's room, a heated swimming pool and a professional barbecue area.
4.4 / 5
Zimmers in north - בקתות נופים
Biktot Nofim|Manot
Two luxurious wooden private cabins with a huge indoor Jacuzzi overlooking the view, a shower with massage jets and a private spa Jacuzzi overlooking the swimming pool that is shared with the view
4.9 / 5
Zimmers in north - החורש
Villa Hahoresh - In the prestigious locality of Yaara, there is a luxurious private villa with three bedrooms, a private heated indoor pool during the winter months, a private spa Jacuzzi and a variety of treats.
4.9 / 5
Zimmers in north - היכלי בראשית
The Hall of Genesis - a luxurious complex in front of the unique and rolling Western Galilee landscape. In the complex you will find a log cabin and 3 luxurious suites and an outdoor complex with a pool. A lovely and peaceful holiday in the Western Galilee.
4.6 / 5
Zimmers in north - שפי shefi's
An indulgent complex with three warm country cottages, in the complex you will find a private brewery, a home of wine wines, and a home run by the wonderful owner's chefs.
4.8 / 5
Zimmers in north - אצולת הנוף
Two luxurious suites with views of the Galilee, with private pool and luxurious all suite 5 star accommodation experience.
5 / 5

Zimmer selection Schliemann, off the coast of Achziv. Choose your next vacation:

Moshav Liman is a tranquil settlement in the Western Galilee that has quite a few very high quality vacation rentals. Anyone looking for a romantic vacation rentals Schliemann, can easily find what he wants, but it is important to remember that the more often a Guest quite expensive because Schliemann is settling extremely popular with Israeli tourists. In recent years, I traveled three times with my partner Schliemann romantic cabanas and each time we have enjoyed over. Schliemann romantic cabins are luxurious, well-equipped and just worth the money you invest in them. In this article, we detail about the Zimmers Romantic Schliemann.

Anyone who visits the community Leman falls in love with the quiet and picturesque spot this. A few minutes from Nahariya, is a prestigious and sought after locality that has a high-quality, luxurious vacation rentals. If you are looking for a holiday in the north, romantic bed and breakfasts Schliemann give you an unforgettable experience, and I say this from experience. To reach Schliemann romantic cabanas highest quality web sites should be used in the field, and you can always consult with friends who visit Schliemann. Everyone will tell you that this is a great place and there is no romantic bed and breakfasts as Schliemann. So whether you are traveling for a romantic vacation with your partner, whether you are traveling with the whole family (including children), BB Schliemann are an excellent option for you.

Remember to find out in advance what the exact price of the cabin (pretty expensive locality in question), and what is the weather over the weekend in which you are traveling. Other matters should clarify - the view from your Zimmer, accessories and items there Zimmer chosen (and make sure that there is a double Jacuzzi, a sun terrace, a home theater system, fully equipped kitchen, etc.). You should also find out which restaurants, cafes and attractions in the region has. I can say wholeheartedly that as a romantic vacation for two guest houses Schliemann, which is limited to one of the finest communities in the north. Anyone who hosted Guest romantic Schliemann not disappointed. If you decide to go on holiday in the north, this could definitely be a good option for you, and proximity to the Mediterranean coast, Nahariya and Back called it a big advantage of course.

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