Zimmers in Hazon

Zimmers in Hazon with a Galilean atmosphere

צימרים בחזון - Apirion
2 Suites on hazon Upper Galilee
Romantic luxury suites and parties "on view" couples only, private spa with Jacuzzi each suite, heated pool and indoor streams and upgraded luxury accommodation and fine.
Starting at ₪900
צימרים בחזון - Meromi Hazon
Cabin ו-Villa with 2 Bedrooms on hazon Upper Galilee
A luxurious wooden cabin with 3 bedrooms, a double corner Jacuzzi, two fully equipped kitchenettes, a heated winter covered swimming pool and a balcony with a mesmerizing view.
Starting at ₪1000
צימרים בחזון - Galilea
3 Cabins on hazon Upper Galilee
Romance, swimming pool, Jacuzzi spa and lots of scenery. Compound rustic and luxurious accommodations at a great value
Starting at ₪650
צימרים בחזון - Tchalet&Argaman Cabins
5 Cabins on hazon Upper Galilee
Holiday colorful and spectacular mountain scenery in front of a mesmerizing! Luxury cabins for couples and families with swimming pool, whirlpool spa and a huge variety of treats.
Starting at ₪700
צימרים בחזון - החזון של גץ
4 zimmers on hazon Upper Galilee
מתחם החזון של גץ השוכן במושב חזון בגליל העליון עם ארבע בקתות עץ כפריות ופסטורליות וגקוזי פרטי לכל אחת, ובריכת שחיה מפנקת (מחוממת ומקורה בחורף) למתחם.
Starting at ₪650
צימרים בחזון - Armonot Esther
2 Cabins ו-3 Suites on hazon Upper Galilee
5 luxurious and spacious guest rooms with a well-maintained common outdoor area, you will enjoy a luxurious heated swimming pool, a huge dining room, well-kept lawns, children's play facilities and more
Starting at ₪800
Additional B & Bs within a distance of up to 10 km מhazon
2 Suites on Shefer Upper Galilee
A luxurious private suite in front of a unique landscape. With a heated pool, Jacuzzi spa pampering and romance without limits.
3 Cabins ו-2 Suites on Shazor Upper Galilee
A pampering resort in the Upper Galilee! 3 romantic and cozy wooden cabins, 2 pampering and spacious suites, a heated indoor swimming pool, a hot spa Jacuzzi, a barbecue corner and more treats
4 Cabins on Shefer Upper Galilee
In the compound is a well kept green garden. There are 4 luxurious wooden cabins, each with a huge Jacuzzi and a separate children's room.The communal garden has a refreshing swimming pool and a professional Jacuzzi spa.
the suite on Shefer Upper Galilee
Luxurious private suite on the banks of the river separated overlooking a dream. With pool, whirlpool spa and a variety of massages to choose from.
2 Cabins ו- the suite on Shefer Upper Galilee
Romance in the woods, overlooking the Sea of Galilee impressive. Beautiful wooden cabins with private pools and a perfect romantic atmosphere.
the suite on Kfar Hananiya Lower Galilee and valies
Dreaming of a private vacation at an attractive price? Invested romantic suite and beautiful, with a pool, spa and streams perfect location for walks.
4 Cabins on Shefer Upper Galilee
In front of a beautiful pastoral view are 4 luxurious wooden cabins with a well maintained outdoor area, including a luxurious swimming pool, a professional spa Jacuzzi, barbecue corner, swings, hammocks and other treats.
3 Cabins on Shefer Upper Galilee
A luxurious and romantic suite and 2 private wooden cabins overlooking the view, with a well maintained tropical complex including a hot tub, spa Jacuzzi, swimming pool, coconut trees and many more treats.
5 Suites on Calanit Lower Galilee and valies
Spectacular open views, plenty of space for each couple and a family and a gorgeous swimming pool for the summer! Cabins are designed only 5 minutes from the Kinneret.
4 zimmers ו- the suite on Calanit Lower Galilee and valies
Luxurious B & B with a huge pool area very pastoral. 5 minutes from the Kinneret!
2 Suites on Kfar Hananiya Lower Galilee and valies
2 beautiful suites one for couples and the other for families in a new and well maintained area, each suite has a romantic double Jacuzzi and a fully equipped kitchenette, in the garden courtyard there are sitting areas, hammocks, barbecue area and swimming pool.
3 on Amirim Upper Galilee
3 luxurious and well maintained suites, situated on the edge of a mountain overlooking a perfect panoramic view. Rn a pampering Jacuzzi in each, a fireplace and a balcony with a magnificent view.
Cabin, Villa with 2 Bedrooms ו- the suite on Amirim Upper Galilee
Suites in the woods, rustic atmosphere in luxurious and stunning views. With a huge spa complex, luxurious and warm.

On the slopes of the mountain lies the beautiful and quiet settlement vision with Galilean and magical landscapes

Hazon is a small and beautiful settlement belonging to the Merom Hagalil Regional Council and sits on the slopes of Mount Hazon, a pastoral settlement in the Upper Galilee that sits at an altitude of 450 meters above sea level and overlooks beautiful views of groves, fields and a chain of mountains. The settlement is located about half an hour from Karmiel and about half an hour from the Sea of ​​Galilee, so it is an excellent starting point for trips, restaurants and shopping. The environs are wrapped in green and the scenery is breathtaking. The range of B & B vacation rentals is large and varied with B & B complexes designed for couples interested in privacy and intimacy, to large areas designed for families and groups.

Accommodation options and a selection of bed and breakfasts in the vision

In the vision you can find lots of complexes, offering a variety of luxuries and styles, you can find areas for couples only, and large areas that also have 6 B & B's to suit some couples who want to vacation together or for families that want to form, to vacation together or celebrate the holidays together, With a spa Jacuzzi and streams, personal pools and complexes with large pools and pampering areas that include play tables and facilities for children. Luxurious bedrooms, and most guest rooms feature fully equipped kitchens and professional barbecue areas. Those who choose to vacation in B & B vacation rentals can find compounds in all ranges of prices 450-1000 NIS, so it is suitable for any pocket.

Attractions for vacationers in the vision

Thanks to its wonderful location, you can enjoy a selection of Galilean attractions to offer. You can enjoy jeep tours and adrenaline-filled rinks, or a walk and a quiet stroll in the nature. For your guests, we can offer horseback riding in the green nature or extras. The Sea of ​​Galilee is only about half an hour away so you can go swimming on the beaches or get to them to do water sports, for any type of vacation and for any age you can find the appropriate and fun activity you will be looking for.

So what we have left to wish you is a pleasant vacation with B & B in a vision that is full of pampering, nature, prestige and all the best.