Zimmers in Kerem Ben Zimra

Unique vacation in Kerem Ben Zimra

לא נמצאו תוצאות
עבור לכל המתחמים

Little Tuscany is a magical and quiet holiday in the heart of the Upper Galilee

B & B vacation rentals in Kerem Ben Zimra in front of the green Galilee landscapes is a perfect place for a rustic and romantic vacation. From the B & B vacation rentals in Kerem Ben Zimra, surrounded by the natural green forest, you can look out over the mountains of the Upper Galilee, Mount Hermon and Mount Meron - a dreamy and enchanting vacation amidst orchards and fields, among the sweet vineyards - a perfect combination of nature and luxury - a Tuscan vacation in the heart of the Upper Galilee. You are abroad Kerem Ben Zimra is a choice that you will no doubt regret.

B & B vacation rentals in Kerem Ben Zimra are the perfect choice that combines a luxurious Zimmers and a village together.

B & B vacation rentals in Kerem Ben Zimra are very popular throughout the year, even in the winter when you are immersed in a hot hot Jacuzzi or while you are lying on a luxurious and caressing bed facing huge windows and watching the green vineyards and rain. In Kerem Ben Zimra you will find a variety of B & B vacation rentals, from bed and breakfasts to couples that provide romance and pampering, including: wine, spa Jacuzzi, private pool, luxurious suite and cylindrical meals served up to you. And attractions nearby. The hospitality in all the B & B's including the cheap is a pampering and quality hospitality, the hosts are known as excellent service providers and pleasant. All you have to do is choose a Zimmer in Kerem Ben Zimra which is to your liking and suitable for you in the pocket.

Attractions in abundance in the area Zimmer Kerem Ben Zimra and around the settlement.

It is important to note that many of the B & B vacation rentals in Kerem Ben Zimra, on the highest level, are also an excellent starting point for a variety of tours in the Galilee. , Kayaks, horses and bicycles. Of course, if you are on a romantic vacation you can tour the wineries in the settlement, including tastings, and you can return to a happy and happy vacation. If you are a vacationer with children, they will learn how to make wine.

So in conclusion Kerem Ben Zimra is the proof that it is possible to combine luxury boon to the village and quiet and nature to a variety of attractions and trips. Have a stunning vacation.