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Chateau Prestige

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Displays available rooms and rates
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Spacious suite for couples and one of 4 luxurious units in the romantic Chateau Prestige complex. The suite is in black and gold tones, antique furnishings and furnishings, and an interesting combination of stone walls to complete the royal look. The double bed of pine stands on a small stage and has an orthopedic mattress for excellent sleep. In the bathroom there is a rain shower and two sinks for maximum comfort, a free movie pool, a kitchenette and a dining area with luxurious leather chairs. Exit to a private balcony built on a designed stone floor, with a private swimming pool overlooking the open view and heated during the winter.

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The luxurious Amor Suite is suitable for couples only and is one of 4 romantic suites designed in the complex. The suite is very comfortable to stay and is characterized by refined classic lines. Many decorative items and luxurious lighting fixtures decorate the room to complete the look. An asymmetric wall separates the bed from the fully equipped kitchenette with a royal dining area with leather chairs. In the bathroom there is a shower with a pampering rain head and two sinks for maximum comfort. The round Jacuzzi turns to the outside and brings in the view. The suite has a private balcony on a large stone plaza, where there is a private swimming pool overlooking the open landscape

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Romance Suite luxurious, classic-style pale gold and cream colors and antique-style elements. The spacious suite many decorative items and exclusive, Tooling and comfortable furnishings and high quality, exquisite bathroom with rain shower and two sinks, utensils and decorative and adjustable LCD screen every corner suite. Foreign private area and spent, enjoy a personal pool with a small waterfall (Heated and covered between November and April), sides and gated privacy practices and opposite the dreamy landscape, shaped stone plaza with seating areas and decorated ornamental plants and spectacular.

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+Children room
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Suite dreamy, romantic, modern design is fascinating and surprising, complete privacy located on the upper level in the compound and is characterized by beautiful open landscape. The interior boasts dominant colors and luxury furnishings, includes among other things a prestigious huge bed, Jacuzzi wrapped in dark brick, giant LCD screen and a living area. A large bathroom and large centers and a fully equipped kitchen, from which exit to the terrace there is a splendid view. It also has two other guest rooms, each including a luxurious double bed, a TV and air conditioning. In the private garden area of the suite, you can indulge in a large pool (heated and covered between November and April) and pastoral corners overlooking the landscape..

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Villa Prestige is a luxury villa with eight Ein Yaakov double suites, large living room, a fully equipped kitchen where you can cook, dining room accommodates 30 people. All decorated suite has a luxurious en suite bathroom, a special games room with playstation with another armchair-bed. The villa has a courtyard pool, heated and covered in winter. Pampering spa Jacuzzi, pool table, ping pong table, a huge manicured lawn, cozy seating areas, a barbecue area and built a lot of nature around.

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Booking Conditions

Entry and exit times Sunday - Friday

Entrance from 15:00 - Departure to 11:00

Departure Saturday to 14:00

Weekends there is a limit to a minimum of 2 nights, but 90 minutes into the first night can be booked for weekends.

Other adults and children

For a child under 12 is charged NIS 100 a night.

For older child or adult charged NIS 250 a night.

For babies up to two years free of charge.

You can not invite guests to a guest room without permission.

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And the regulations promulgated thereunder, after the patron has placed an order through the site's booking system.

Free cancellation of this order shall be under the conditions shown in the final order form

Cancellation until 14 days before the accommodation is charged 10% of the total order.

Cancellation 14 to 7 days before the accommodation is charged 50% of the total order.

Cancellation 1- 7 days before the accommodation is charged 100% of the reservation.

* A complex creature will contact you by phone for security valid credit card only.

Payment Methods

You can pay by cash / credit card (Visa, Isracard).

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Chateau Prestige - A delightful holiday experience in private and pampering suites

Looking to invest in the heart and surprise them with an unusual experience? This is exactly the place for you.

It can be said that every resort in the north has its own unique views: a spectacular view, a private pool or a special design. But in Chateau Prestige there is simply everything: 4 luxury suites especially for lovers, with a private pool for each suite, first-line location with a spectacular Galilean view stretching to the sea and a pleasant and pleasant romantic feeling.

When in the Romance Suite and Fantasy Suite the pool is Heated and covered from November to April, and the suites Amor and Prestige The pool is suitable for the summer season. 

Moshav Ein Yaakov is located in the heart of many attractions and romantic restaurants. You can consult your hosts about the recommended places in the area.

Interior view

Each suite is designed in a different way, but the common one is a luxurious and elegant design that creates a romantic and magical atmosphere.

Inside the suites you will enjoy a luxurious double bed LCD screen, HOT channel connection, pampering Jacuzzi, fully equipped kitchenette with espresso machine.

View from the compound

The private gardens of the suites, as well as the entrance to the complex itself, are accompanied by a view of the open green field that leads to the Galilee, Rosh Hanikra and the Mediterranean Sea.


In the Romance & Fantasy suites, the swimming pool is heated and covered from November to April (cool and pleasant during the summer months).

In each suite you will enjoy luxurious winter interiors, luxurious bedding, hot drinks, a romantic Jacuzzi and more.

Include hosting

Accommodation + a bottle of fine wine, chocolates, cookies, natural juice, coffee set, bathrobes, spa shoes, quality bath towels, face and hands towels, toiletries and soaps.


A Galilean breakfast will be served directly to the suite.

Important Information

All suites have private pools and a private garden area.

* In the Romance Suite and the Fantasy Suite the pools are heated and heated from November to April.

100% privacy for guests of our suites.

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Pool area

Private pool

Hot Private Pool

Heated and covered


Panoramic view


Saturday BBQ

tanning beds



Esspresso machine

Air conditioning

Huge Jacuzzi


HOT channels

Cinema System

wireless Internet


Family Reunion


Breakfast available

Toiletry products



סוויטה fantasi
דניאל טוך 26.10.2018

56 Reviews on Chateau Prestige

Reviews were written by visitors who stay us a guest in Chateau Prestige
/ 5
דניאל טוך
סוויטה fantasi
פשוט תענוג ובעל הבית ממש על הכיפאק. מיקום טוב בגליל המערבי
התמונות משקפות בדיוק את המתחם
/ 5
כהן שלי
חופשה רומנטית
אירוח ברמה גבוהה צימר מאובזר גדול וחדיש הבריכה פרטית ומהנה תודה רבה על הכל הצלתם לנו את החופשה
/ 5
מחכים לפעם הבאה..
ממליצים בחום על אירוח ברמה אחרת... הסוויטה הייתה מושקעת ומפנקת והאירוח היה מכל הלב!! תודה ענקית ונתראה בקרוב...
/ 5
קרן אור כהן
תודה רבה❤
הכל היה מושלם. האירוח, האדיבות, הצימר מקסים ומכיל כל מה שצריך, נקי ומסודר. שוב, תודה על הכל נהננו מאוד
/ 5
לירון אוחנה
המלצה חמה!
המקום מהמם, מאובזר ברמה גבוהה, נקי מאוד. מאוד נהננו מהשקט של המקום ומבעל הבית דודי שהיה אדיב מאוד. האוכל של מירי מדהים, בשפע וברוחב לב.. ממליצים בחום!
/ 5
צימר פרסטיז
היה מדהים היה כיף ממצליץ לכולם ללכת חוויה ואווירה רומנטית וכיפית בטוח חוזר לפעפ שניה
/ 5
שושי סבג
שאטו פרסטיז
מקום מהמם וממש מפנק, דודי בעל הצימר היה נחמד מאוד וענה על כל השאלות והגחמות. ארוחת הבוקר ממש מפנקת, יש הרבה מה לעשות בסביבה.
/ 5
חיים טגייה
חוויה רומנטית מושלמת!
לא יכלנו לבקש יותר טוב מזה.. נסענו 2 זוגות נהנו מהמרחב מהמגוון הרחב של המתקנים יכלנו פשוט להישאר במתחם בלי לטייל. תודה לדודי על היחס החם אוהבים ומעריכים ומחכים לסיבוב שני! המוןןן תודות
/ 5
נדב רובין
חופשה מדהימה!
הצימר מעוצב מדהים מבחוץ ומבפנים. נקי לחלוטין ומאובזר מאוד. היתה לנו חופשה מדהימה שם ואין ספק שנחזור בעתיד
/ 5
בטי עמית
שלוות נפש אמיתית!
אחרי כל כך הרבה פעמים שהתאכזבנו מצימרים הגענו לשאטו ונדהמנו לגלות שיכול להיות שילוב כה מנצח במקום! הפרטיות, החדר המעוצב נהדר,הגקוזי במידות הנכונות, הנוף, ארוחת הבוקר הרבה מעבר לציפיות, הנכונות של דודי לספק לנו כל מה שאנחנו צריכים, הבריכה שהיא לגמרי שלנו. נהננו ובהחלט נחזור גם עם הילדים שלנו.
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