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2 Cabins ו- the suite on Pekeein Western Galilee

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Pastoral experience amazing with a huge swimming poo
+Children room
Pastoral experience amazing with a huge swimming pool
+Children room
Pastoral experience amazing with a huge swimming pool
+Children room
About Us

Noam Bagalil - Pastoral experience amazing with a huge pool

Beautiful holiday complex with a view of the wild Horshim Western Galilee, which offers couples and families an excellent rustic holiday, accompanied by gracious hospitality and lots of peace and quiet. Here you expect three holiday units - two of which are beautiful chalet and the third is a luxurious modern suite. Each unit is immersed in greenery and nearby luxurious swimming pool of the complex.Session Peki'in located near numerous hiking trails and lookout points (to consult with the host), close to attractions and area sights high: Lake Montfort, Yehiam Fortress, and the Tefen Industrial Park spectacular winter snow centers in Gen.

View from the complex

Green rolls views overlooking the complex and accompanied by the look throughout your holiday.

Include hosting

B + wine, hot drinks, body towels, bathroom cosmetics, shower gel and soaps.


By appointment you can enjoy breakfast rich and luxurious Galilean.
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Pool area
Jacuzzi spa
Panoramic view
Saturday BBQ
Children's play facilities
tanning beds
A separate children's room
Air conditioning
Huge Jacuzzi
HOT channels
wireless Internet
Breakfast available
Toiletry products

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