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Lower Galilee and valies north מעבר לדף הבית

Muscat A luxurious holiday resort

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Booking Conditions

Entry and exit times Sunday and Friday

Entrance from 15:00 until 12:00 on Saturdays until 14:00

On weekends there is a minimum of 2 nights but at the 90 minute you can book 1 night on weekends.

Children and adults

A child under the age of 12 will be charged USD 100 per night.

An older child or adult is charged USD 100 per night.

For children up to 2 years old, there is no additional charge.

It is not possible to invite guests to a guest house without a permit.

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Muscat A luxurious holiday resort - Romantic family vacation combining nature, quality, luxury and lots of relaxation

At the foot of Mount Tabor, in the small and enchanting settlement of Shdemot Dvora in the heart of the Lower Galilee, is a prestigious farm that hides behind a large wooden gate that will bring you into another world of magic, a luxurious 5 star resort experience, perfect combination of nature, quality, uncompromising design, A variety of sweet treats, the owner's daughter is a gourmet pastry and you can enjoy a refrigerator filled with delicious and special desserts. Between green olive trees and large fields in a crazy area of ​​about 5 dunam, there is a large manor house and three completely private suites, spacious and romantic that will be suitable for family accommodation, each fenced and hidden from a mortgage by rich vegetation, so that vacationers on the farm can enjoy peace and quiet, Relax from the life run, and refill the batteries.

The farm has 3 romantic suites built by open space methods, with an option for sleeping children, each with a private garden with a luxurious Jacuzzi and a luxurious spa, as well as a modern, spacious 2 bedroom suite that also has a private garden.

The common compound has a beautiful swimming pool in a natural and unconventional look around a magnificent wooden deck.

The interior of the luxurious suites

Here you will find 3 romantic suites and a large family suite that is 80 m² in size and contains 2 bedrooms and a living room.

The romantic suites are large and spacious suites, each with a unique round wooden Jacuzzi surrounded by two large windows facing the view, a huge king size bed with a luxurious and comfortable bed for a deep sleep and pleasant dreams, quality blankets and luxurious Egyptian cotton bedding. A spacious entertainment system with a large television screen, the suite has a spacious and luxurious bathroom, a comfortable seating area and a fully equipped kitchenette including a coffee maker, a water bar, microwave and soft drinks with gourmet desserts that will sweeten your dream vacation.

The family suite - a huge two-bedroom suite with king-size beds, equipped with top-quality orthopedic mattresses and soft bed linen, high quality pillows and blankets, a spacious seating area and a huge 50-inch TV screen, you will also enjoy a spacious bathroom, Fully equipped with a large fridge including soft drinks and desserts, a water bar, a Lavazza coffee machine and a microwave.

Foreign Compound

Each of the wooden suites has a private garden with a fine wooden slab with a table and chairs. Further on you will find a wooden path leading to the trellis and beneath it a luxurious outdoor spa Jacuzzi in a lush garden that preserves the privacy of the vacationers. Own. In the private garden there are palm trees, flowers and herbs. A water channel flows around, so that you can enjoy a soothing and soothing watercolor in lovely beautiful corners while sitting in the evening-lit garden with romantic night lighting or while lying on the luxury bed in a suite with an open window.

The family suite has a spacious private garden and a large wooden deck with table and chairs.

In the common outdoor area there is a mesmerizing swimming pool in the form of a natural lake surrounded by a magnificent wooden deck with high-quality, luxurious tanning beds wrapped in rattan cloth and surrounded by lush vegetation.

Include on vacation

The luxurious hospitality includes homemade cakes and cookies, and in the fridge you can enjoy a variety of crazy desserts by the owner's daughter who is a wonderful pastry maker, in addition to coffee capsules for the Lavazza machine, coffee / tea corner, milk.

Luxury toiletries, bathrobes, towels and spa shoes.

extra charge:

A variety of massages can be booked and arranged in advance.

You can order rich breakfasts in advance.

Attractions nearby

Tomer est le propriétaire de l'endroit, il est vieux matin et les emmènera pour un voyage romantique ou une excursion amusante et familiale à la ferme gigantesque, avant le coucher du soleil dans les champs découverts de la vallée de Yavne'el et du mont Tabor. Si vous souhaitez quitter la ferme magique pour voyager, il est difficile de croire que vous pourrez profiter de nombreuses attractions, notamment les rives de la mer de Galilée, le parc national et réserve naturelle Arbel, le mont Tabor, des attractions pour toute la famille et des parcs pour enfants comme Roy Boy et à travers l'arbre, Des excursions aux raseurs, aux jeeps et plus encore ...

Important Information

The compound was sold in full in July and August for families and couples.

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Pool area


Private Spa

Panoramic view

Private garden


Outdoor kitchen

tanning beds


A separate children's room



Esspresso machine

Air conditioning

Jacuzzi inside

Huge Jacuzzi

wireless Internet

Water Facility

Coffee and tea



Chef Meals


Toiletry products



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המקום הכי יפה שהייתי בארץ!
המון תודה עמית על האירוח הנפלא ... מאד נהנינו .. בהחלט הצימרים והמקום הכי יפים שהייתי בהם בארץ..מקווה שלא הרעשנו יותר מדי... ויש לי הרגשה שנגיע שוב עם עוד חברים... אז שבוע טוב ותודה רבה לך ולבעלך.. ישר כח
beyond expected
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רונית ואבי ממן
מקום מקסים ברמות!
עמית ותומר יקרים, כמו שהבטחתם ככה קיימתם, המקום מקסים ברמות , נקי , הפינוק והיחס האישי, והקינוחים של מאי ליגה מטורפת , בקיץ נגיע עם המשפחה המורחבת ! תודה על הכל רונית ואבי ממן
beyond expected
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חופשה מופלאה
אין מילים לתאר את הקסם הבלתי מוסבר שבמקום, ההקפדה, הנקיון, איכות השירות והדיוק בכל עמית היקרה, תודה רבה על חוויה מופלאה. מצפים לעוד סופ"ש מושלם בחווה.
beyond expected
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מקום מופלא
חברים סיפרו לנו על המקום , הפליגו בשיבחו , ושיכנעו אותנו שלא להחמיץ ביקור במקום! ואכן, התארחנו במקום והמציאות עולה על כל דמיון! לא להאמין איזה כיף!!
beyond expected
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ויטל תמיר
גן עדן!
פשוט גן עדן! רמת האירוח גבוהה מאד! תחושת נינוחות ושלווה נמצאת בצימר ופרטיות מושלמת! המארחים פשוט מקסימים ונותנים תחושה חמה ונעימה, ארוחת הבוקר הייתה גדולה מפנקת ביותר והקינוחים מדהימים!! תודה על סופ"ש קסום
beyond expected
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הצימר הטוב ביותר
חוויות אירוח מושלמת ביותר, בכול פרמטר אפשרי
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