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Haifa and Karmelim north מעבר לדף הבית

Ahuzat Edi

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Ahuzat Edi
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Displays available rooms and rates
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Booking Conditions

Entry and exit times Sunday and Friday

Entrance from 15:00 - Departure until 14:00 on Saturdays Departure until 15: 00

On weekends there is a minimum of 2 nights but at the 90 minute you can order 1 night on weekends.

Children and adults

A child under the age of 12 will be charged NIS 100 per night.

An older child or adult is charged an additional fee of NIS 100 per night.

For children up to 2 years old, there is no additional charge.

It is not possible to invite guests to a guest house without a permit.

Cancellation Terms Cancellation Free

Cancellation of an order will be made subject to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, 1981 (hereinafter: "the Consumer Protection Law"),

And the regulations made thereunder, after the customer made an order through the site's reservation system.

A free cancellation option will be given in accordance with the conditions that will be displayed on the final order form to be received upon booking.

Cancellation of reservation 14-7 days prior to the booking date will incur a 15% charge from the total booking.

Cancellation of booking 7 days prior to the booking date will incur a 50% charge from the total booking.

A 100% cancellation of the reservation will be charged on the day of the booking.

** The final order confirmation is subject to the host's approval and receipt of a credit card for security.

Payment Methods

You can pay in cash / credit card (Visa, Isracard)

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Ahuzat Edi

Exclusive location, quiet and completely private special celebrations and entertainment.

"Ahuzat Edi" is a completely new mansion in the heart of the beautiful Carmel, lush green vegetation and spectacular views of the mountain and the Mediterranean Sea. Pine River around special, Carmel Forest and the incredible variety of itineraries.

Here you expect 8 new vacation rentals and large and also a large tree, suitable for all types of vacationers and furnishings Equipping full, luxurious rustic design and gracious hospitality and quality - of the first order.

Outside stands the "real star" - Swimming currents prestigious overlooking the landscape and whirlpool spa alongside streams and grovesthat allow you to roll out peacefully and without interference.

The villa has a private swimming pool, luxurious and refreshing in the hot summer, and in the winter the pool is heated, the pool is 6X3, the villa also has a 2.5X2.5 private spa Jacuzzi.

Carmel area wonderful trips of any kind, a variety of itineraries on foot or by bicycle, a variety of field trips in the immediate vicinity: horseback riding, Jeep, ATV, Ranger, a variety of quality restaurants, the most beautiful beaches in Israel, Pine River flowing near the compound and many more .

View from the complex

Ahuzat Edi" is located in a spacious private area, bathed in natural woodlands and overlooking the Carmel every corner".


New complex well conditioned during the winter. In addition, you can indulge in spa hot tub heater currents.

Include hosting

Accommodation + bottle of wine per couple, a full set of hot drinks, milk, large body towels, bathroom soaps and cosmetics.


Luxurious breakfast will be served prior coordination with the hosts.

In addition to the complex laid for a barbecue and includes areas suitable for preparation and eating.

Great villa complex includes a fully equipped kitchen suitable for cooking.

Important Information

Secluded place and there is no limit on the noise.

Also suitable for parties.


Pool area

Heated and covered

Pool Streams


Jacuzzi spa

Wet Sauna compound


Saturday BBQ

tanning beds


A separate children's room

equipped kitchen


Esspresso machine

Air conditioning

Jacuzzi inside

Streamer technology

wireless Internet


Family Reunion

Breakfast available


Toiletry products

מומלץ בחום!
הדר מנור 06.05.2019

5 Reviews on Ahuzat Edi

Reviews were written by visitors who stay us a guest in Ahuzat Edi
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הדר מנור
מומלץ בחום!
מומלץ בחום! חגגנו אירוע משפחתי בסופשבוע באחוזת אדי ואמאל. האחוזה המטופחת צופה על הנוף המקסים, כל המתחם מפנק ונעים, הצימרים ברמה גבוהה עם כל מה שצריך לחופשה מושלמת! אדי - אדם יקר שלא מפסיק לדאוג שיהיה את כל מה שצריך ויחד עם זה מכבד ומאפשר את הפרטיות של האורחים. מומלץ בחום! תשמרו לנו על המקום הזה עד הפעם הבאה... כי אנחנו נגיע שוב!
beyond expected
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Ahuzat Edi הגיבו לחוות דעת זאת

היה כיף לאריח משפחה מיוחדת עם חום ואהבה מזל טוב לסבא היקר עד 120 כ20

/ 5
סוניה ספונרו
מאוד מאוד מומלץ!
מקום מדהים, אירוח ביד רחבה, אוכל טעים בהתאם למסורת הדרוזית הנפלאה, הכל עשוי ביד המקצועית של אמאל . נוף עוצר נשימה, אויר צח, חדרים נוחים ונעימים. הינו 3 זוגות עם 2 ילדים קטנים. אדי איש סימפטי מאד, מארח למופת! מאד מאד מומלץ!
beyond expected
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/ 5
נופש באחוזת אדי
מקום מצוין לקבוצות ומשפחות עם ילדים,בריכה נקיה מקום מקסים ובעל של צימרים נדיב ומבין נתן לנו הכול לנופש מושלם.
beyond expected
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/ 5
אחלה מקום... ממליץ בחום מקום מיוחד עם נוף מדהים... מקום שקט ורומנטי... יחס ושירות מעולה ומיוחד מצד הבעלים...
beyond expected
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/ 5
ניסים מדינה
מקום מצוין שירות הדיב ומעלה של בעל הצימר מקום יפה נקי ומסודר מאוד נהנו מאוד ובטוח שנחזור שוב
beyond expected
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