Orhan Mull Ha'har

4 Cabins on Safsufa Upper Galilee

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+Children room
+Children room
+Children room
+Children room
About Us

Orhan Mull Ha'har - About Us

Rustic holiday complex overlooking picturesque pastoral, offering couples and families enjoying a perfect 4 beautiful cabins, each gallery floor lights for children, private and cozy and luxurious design. In the complex you can indulge in a large swimming pool and hot tub next to a beautiful spa and large currents. The cabins are designed so that each includes quick and easy access to the pool and spa, barbecue and kitchen complex external and trails surrounding the compound."Orhan Mull Ha'har" is located in one of the most beautiful areas in the north of the country, wrapped itineraries, breathtaking views and abundance of attractions within a very short drive.

View from the complex

The complex overlooks the surrounding mountains are amazing Dalton vineyards and orchards cylindrical, trails and streams of the most beautiful in the entire northeast.


Jacuzzi spa and heated large currents

Emphasis on the spot

Accommodation + bottle of wine, chocolates, hot drinks kit, bathrobes (in winter), towels and toiletries cosmetics Body soaps.


Breakfast will be served cylindrical luxurious cabin to the balcony luxurious appointment.
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Pool area
Jacuzzi spa
Saturday BBQ
Children's play facilities
Outdoor kitchen
tanning beds
A separate children's room
Air conditioning
Jacuzzi inside
YES channels
Cinema System
wireless Internet
Family Reunion
Breakfast available
Toiletry products

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