El Mull Ha-Nof

Zimmer ו-3 Suites on Granot Hagalil Western Galilee

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El Mull Ha-Nof - About Us

If you are looking for a quality vacation where the star is open green landscape, you came to the right place. 4 accommodation we lived in Galilee, succeeded coordinates the Kziv porch, Forest Park Goren Goren and spectacular evergreens. Garden entire complex wrapped refined and flourishing vegetation which also awaits the luxurious swimming pool. With a view to serving you a hefty dose of happiness and romance that will bring you to new heights of indulgence and excitement.Compound suites enjoy a luxurious swimming pool in natural forest, big swings, News barbecue, hammocks, rivers and waterfalls flowing down the garden and garden furniture Mtzddm rich, green lawn, rockery and rich vegetation.The complex is near trips Horse Riding, Off-road driving experience Jeeps or Ranger ATV, hiking in nature, parks and nature reserves, heritage sites and history, diverse restaurants, bars and more.

View from the complex

From every corner of the complex you can see the Kziv, Forest Park Goren Goren and spectacular evergreens.


From every corner of the complex you can look out over the Kziv Stream, Goren Park and the Goren Forest, enchanting landscapes and a clear and clean atmosphere that can only be breathed in the Western Galilee.

Include hosting

Accommodation + bottle of wine, milk, coffee and tea, high-quality bath towels, face towels and hands, toiletries: soap, bubble bath, bath salt, shampoo, fabric softener.


By appointment you can get a luxurious country breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Important Information

The complex is suitable for birthdays, marriage proposals or any private romantic event you have thought of - by appointment.Facing the landscape - this is a perfect romantic vacation.
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Pool area
Panoramic view
Saturday BBQ
Air conditioning
Jacuzzi inside
YES channels
wireless Internet
Breakfast available
Kosher breakfast
Toiletry products

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