Zimmers in Kinneret for families

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location_on הצג צימרים במפה
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Zimmers for Couple with children - Biktot Gan Eden
Biktot Gan Eden
A colorful and vibrant holiday near the Sea of Galilee! A spectacular resort Compound that includes cabins for couples and families, with a huge pool, whirlpool spa and more.
052-9788657 Natan
Zimmers for Couple with children - Gavoha Mol ha'Nof
Gavoha Mol ha'Nof
Kfar Hananiya
A beautiful and enchanting area with an open view, green and mesmerizing, with 2 luxurious and romantic suites with a huge Jacuzzi, a large double bed and an intimate and private balcony facing the view of each suite
052-9098185 daniel
Zimmers for Couple with children - Arba Onot BaGalil
Arba Onot BaGalil
Four beautiful chalets with views, private spa with hot tub, outdoor spa hot tub and pool more luxurious.
052-9708251 Eti
באוגוסט המתחם מושכר במלואו בלבד
Zimmers for Couple with children - HaHofesh La-Ahov
HaHofesh La-Ahov
Kfar Hananiya
A romantic private suite suitable for couples and families, with a heated indoor swimming pool and a richly indulgent hospitality at a very attractive price.
052-9097769 Sima
Zimmers for Couple with children - Gan Kinneret
Gan Kinneret
Luxurious B & B with a huge pool area very pastoral. 5 minutes from the Kinneret!
052-9097787 Simcha
Zimmers for Couple with children - Ahuzat Naama
Ahuzat Naama
Luxurious and pampering accommodation near the Sea of Galilee! A well-maintained common garden area with a luxurious swimming pool and a professional spa Jacuzzi
052-9171884 Yafit
Zimmers for Couple with children - Nofesh Kasum Suites
Nofesh Kasum Suites
Kfar Hananiya
2 beautiful suites one for couples and the other for families in a new and well maintained area, each suite has a romantic double Jacuzzi and a fully equipped kitchenette, in the garden courtyard there are sitting areas, hammocks, barbecue area and swimming pool.
052-9127138 Leah
Zimmers for Couple with children - calm in the kineret suites
Exclusive in Zimmertop
calm in the kineret suites
A new and pampering complex in the town of Kinneret in the Valley of the Springs, two luxurious family suites and a private pool for each one that makes your vacation a dream come true.
052-9787547 avraham
Zimmers for Couple with children - Zriha Ba-Kinneret
Zriha Ba-Kinneret
Two beautiful, luxurious suites facing the Sea of Galilee, with pool, whirlpool spa and sauna close to the waterline.
052-9788650 david
Zimmers for Couple with children - Atzulat Ha-Galil Resort village
Atzulat Ha-Galil Resort village
Spectacular open views, plenty of space for each couple and a family and a gorgeous swimming pool for the summer! Cabins are designed only 5 minutes from the Kinneret.
052-9123882 Nitza
Zimmers for Couple with children - Suites C Hanof
Suites C Hanof
Kfar Hananiya
In front of a breathtaking panoramic view are two luxury boutique suites. With a luxurious pool complex and an endless view.
052-9708208 Liat
Zimmers for Couple with children - Liylot Lavanim
Exclusive in Zimmertop
Liylot Lavanim
Kfar Hananiya
Dreaming of a private vacation at an attractive price? Invested romantic suite and beautiful, with a pool, spa and streams perfect location for walks.
052-9708213 Smadar
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צימרים נוספים במרחק של עד 20 קמ מכנרת

Zimmers in north - אופוריה
Euphoria|Had Nes
Spacious suites designed in Had Nes, near the Sea of Galilee, with a light and free atmosphere, equal and romantic treats at its peak. A private courtyard, a luxurious pool and lush greenery.
4.3 / 5
Zimmers in north - אחוזת הצוק במרומים
וילת אירוח חלומית במושב כפר שמאי בנויה כ4 סוויטות עם חלל מרכזי גדול ומרווח עם בריכת שחיה פרטית וגקוזי ספא מפנק
5 / 5
45 דק' מהחרמון
Zimmers in north - בוטיק w
Boutique‏ W|Nof Kinert
Spectacular design suite, a luxurious design and rich. Features a heated indoor pool with Jacuzzi bench spa jets and streams
5 / 5
Zimmers in north - גמליורט
Gamlayort|Maale Gamla
Mongolian romantic suite design unique and spectacular, with private garden each suite includes a huge swimming pool, pampering tab Hut and excellent personal hospitality.
4.9 / 5
Zimmers in north - גלילאה
Romance, swimming pool, Jacuzzi spa and lots of scenery. Compound rustic and luxurious accommodations at a great value
4.9 / 5
Zimmers in north - נוף ליער
4 luxurious accommodation units designed in Moshav Birya, surrounded by attractions and activities. A large and pampering Jacuzzi in each unit and a well-kept and invested outdoor complex with two pampering heated indoor pools.
4.9 / 5

Looking for a vacation for the whole family? Want a pampering B & B and a spectacular and relaxing view? B & B vacation rentals in Kinneret for families answering all your questions!

The vacation rentals at Kinneret were always very attractive, particularly on holidays and holidays, due to the proximity to the beaches of the Sea of ​​Galilee, the beautiful and pastoral landscape, and especially the large and pampering complexes that are precisely suited to families and quality time.

Some tips to check prior to arrival in the Kinneret Family Zimmers

First of all, you will close down the nature of your vacation, as we mentioned earlier in the Kinneret. There are a variety of reasons why it is good for families, but each attracts in another direction. If you want to take a vacation with the children and enjoy the view, the facilities in the Zimmer and the quiet surrounding the place will choose a large and pampering B & B, with a swimming pool facing the view, a large spa Jacuzzi or children's play facilities such as ping pong, table football, huge trampoline and more.

If you want a b & b to spend the night and all day to sunbathe and enjoy the cool waters of the Sea of ​​Galilee, you will not invest much in search of facilities in the Zimmer and design, as this will save you a significant cost of vacation (the more Zimmer has facilities, spa, pool, etc.) Accordingly) and you can travel a short drive to the beaches.

If you plan to enjoy the wonders of the Zimmer and at the same time to go to a variety of attractions in the vicinity such as "Flaibord", "Banana" water, motor boats in the Sea of ​​Galilee etc. In a short drive you can reach the Sea of ​​Galilee, enjoy a variety of interesting attractions and family and then return to the pampering B & Beautiful spa facilities.

Zimmers in Kinneret for families

After the tips, the exact choice and the trip to the most beautiful place in the country we are left speechless ... and believe that you too. This picturesque view from the window of the suite towards the beautiful Sea of ​​Galilee, with colorful valleys and sharp vision, causes us all to miss a beat and to boast that it is ours.

By the way, if the children ask a few questions about places, history, etc. In a short drive you can get to a variety of hiking trails, which are marked with historical explanations about the past .. A great way to travel and enrich the knowledge of the whole family!

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