Kinneret and lower galilee zimer

A selection of zimmers in the Sea of ​​Galilee and the surrounding areas

צימרים בכנרת גליל תחתון ועמקים - Mezpe Ha-agam suites
3 Suites on Kineret - moshava Lower Galilee and valies
Private vacation like no other. Original design luxury suites for couples only and surprisingly, the most impressive scenery in front of the Sea of Galilee.
Starting at ₪1400
צימרים בכנרת גליל תחתון ועמקים - Romance Kinneret
5 Suites on migdal Lower Galilee and valies
3 pampering and intimate suites with huge Jacuzzi and private balcony facing the view to each. A common outdoor area including a swimming pool and seating areas facing the Sea of Galilee
Starting at ₪1000
צימרים בכנרת גליל תחתון ועמקים - Biktot Gan Eden
4 Cabins ו-4 Suites on Calanit Lower Galilee and valies
A colorful and vibrant holiday near the Sea of Galilee! A spectacular resort Compound that includes cabins for couples and families, with a huge pool, whirlpool spa and more.
Starting at ₪650
צימרים בכנרת גליל תחתון ועמקים - Gavoha Mol ha'Nof
2 Suites on Kfar Hananiya Lower Galilee and valies
A beautiful and enchanting area with an open view, green and mesmerizing, with 2 luxurious and romantic suites with a huge Jacuzzi, a large double bed and an intimate and private balcony facing the view of each suite
Starting at ₪880
צימרים בכנרת גליל תחתון ועמקים - Arba Onot BaGalil
4 Cabins on Ilaniya Lower Galilee and valies
Four beautiful chalets with views, private spa with hot tub, outdoor spa hot tub and pool more luxurious.
Starting at ₪1000
צימרים בכנרת גליל תחתון ועמקים - Atzulat Ha-Galil Resort village
5 Suites on Calanit Lower Galilee and valies
Spectacular open views, plenty of space for each couple and a family and a gorgeous swimming pool for the summer! Cabins are designed only 5 minutes from the Kinneret.
Starting at ₪800
Additional B & Bs within a distance of up to 20 km מכנרת
2 Suites on Shefer Upper Galilee
A luxurious private suite in front of a unique landscape. With a heated pool, Jacuzzi spa pampering and romance without limits.
3 Suites on Had Nes golan
Spacious suites designed in Had Nes, near the Sea of Galilee, with a light and free atmosphere, equal and romantic treats at its peak. A private courtyard, a luxurious pool and lush greenery.
2 Cabins ו-2 Suites on Had Nes golan
A pampering vacation in the prestigious Enicha complex - suites in a spectacular design with a heated swimming pool facing the view of Mount Hermon
2 Suites on Maale Gamla golan
Two spacious and luxurious wooden cabins with a Jacuzzi facing the view. Exterior area directly overlooking the panoramic view of the Sea of Galilee and the Golan.
3 Cabins on hazon Upper Galilee
Romance, swimming pool, Jacuzzi spa and lots of scenery. Compound rustic and luxurious accommodations at a great value
2 Suites on hazon Upper Galilee
Romantic luxury suites and parties "on view" couples only, private spa with Jacuzzi each suite, heated pool and indoor streams and upgraded luxury accommodation and fine.

. Find your perfect vacation:

In recent years, area B & B is a special holiday special and Accommodation Kinneret, became a popular holiday destination in the country ... amazing location in terms of weather, landscapes and a variety of entertainment attractions can be no better place for recreation and resort especially for couples ... Sea of ​​Galilee known as one of the country even romantic spots tent on the beach ...

Around the Sea of ​​Galilee villages and many seats where you can find a B & B, there are plenty of guest houses for couples only and it will be classified by category Romantic Accommodation Kinneret, and the environment of Mount Arbel, not far from the Golan Heights and Hiking many magical scenery.

The special area rich in nature and landscape affords another holiday romance, no matter what BB invite, if these luxury vacation rentals or even standard cabins will be perfect romantic experience.

Romantic Accommodation Kinneret enable guests to vacation in the face of the country's largest lake, which offers pleasant beaches and clean water attractions such as boating, tubing and even water skiing ...

Romantic B & B around the Sea of ​​Galilee there are many, as we have noted, some cabins are cave stone or suites and even villas and boutique hotels, a variety of options for vacation luxury, bed and breakfasts are equipped with a variety of treats ranging from the double bed expansion with a comfortable mattress and soft linens, bedside Jacuzzi for two, full bathroom, kitchenette and even intimate seating recreation fun watching a movie.

By prior arrangement with the owners of bed and breakfasts you can order breakfast, fruit basket and chocolates to improve the atmosphere romantic and sweet, if you have a special occasion, a birthday or wedding proposals will ask to make the bed and breakfasts Accordingly, bouquets, balloons and so on ...

Attractions in the Sea of ​​Galilee

There Kinneret Romantic B & B with a pool, there are vacation rentals with hot tub and sauna, and even vacation rentals for families or groups are also suitable for bachelor parties and Airoaim.toclo find Romantic Accommodation Kinneret isolated and not part of a BB, so your vacation will be much more intimate, with no other guests in the complex.

As we mentioned earlier around the Sea of ​​Galilee variety of attractions and Romantic Accommodation Guests can combine Kinneret further improve the vacation experiences such as spa treatments, the spa complex of Hamat Gader, Hiking the wild, ATV or horseback riding and more ...

Do not forget Lechner has great significance to the Christian religion and the city of Tiberias importance to all religions, and therefore the area is fully occupied most of the year with local and international tourists and therefore tried to book in advance Accommodation Kinneret ...

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